Sharry 7

“Ne-phi-lim…huh.  Ya, I get the idea, you don’t have to draw me a diagram or anything!! Angel dad plus human mom equals freak me!!” Sharry scowled. “An excellent job at hiding it!!!”Sharri yelled. “Good God…” both of them cut her off with their stares. “Sorry. Forgot about the whole God’s your daddy thing! So, uh, goodness gracious!! That’s the understatement of the year…I wonder what else has she hidden from me?? Looks like mom and I need to have a little heart to heart…Well, who is this Angel that you say is my father? Do you know him? Is he an ass like you Michael, you know, the kind of Angel who flies a girl up into the sky and then threatens to drop her!? Is he that kind of Angel?? Is he…” “Wait what??!” Jake interrupted, “you flew with Sharry?! Then you were going to drop her??!!” Sharry could see a storm brewing behind Jake’s eyes. “You know her first flight is supposed to be with her guardian Michael!!” “Yah right! Her guardian was a bit busy sleeping with his charge now wasn’t he??” Before they could say or do anything scary, she quickly changed the subject back to her dad again. “So, how, exactly do you know all of this? Did my dad tell you I’m his half-breed niphilim whatever?” Michael said, “Halfling honey, not halfbreed. And, we know all of the nephilim. They are all assigned a personal guardian who has to get close to them, by appearing in the human form. Good ol’ Jacob here is yours.”  “Oh, and for the record I flew with Sharry to save her from the hellhounds that had surrounded us and I would never actually drop her!” “To save me from the what??” Sharry sighed, “hellhounds??? I thought they were just big wolves! That’s great, just great. This just keeps getting better and better!” “Wait a minute,” Michael said in shock. “You could actually see the hellhounds??” Michael and Jake said in unison, both of them staring at her in shock. “Uh, yah!” Sharry replied. “You were there Michael, we were surrounded, one was about to pounce on me, remember??” “Of course I remember.” Michael answered, “but humans aren’t supposed to be able to see hellhounds!” I mean not at all!” “Well,” Said Jake, “I guess we know one of your powers now.” Sharry just looked at them blankly. She felt confused, scared, angry and just plain overwhelmed. “Powers…now I’m some sort of super-powered half person!! Huh. Well, I can see you guys. Is that normal?” She asked. “You can see us only if we want you to. See,” Jake said and then he disappeared. However, Sharry was able to see a faint outline of his body. She walked up to him and put her arms around him and asked, “can I please just go home now?? This is all too much. I’m tired and I need time to think all of this through, to clear my head.” “Can you still see me??” Jake asked. 

Before Sharry could even reply Jake suddenly grabbed her and pulled her behind some bushes, and just as quickly, Michael made himself disappear. Sharry was about to talk when Jacob put his hand over her mouth and pointed.  Just beyond the edge of the garden, was a man carrying a handful of, what seemed to be, dog leashes. He was causally walking along the perimeter of the garden. Almost as if there was a sheet of crystal clear glass surrounding the garden that he couldn’t pass through. He looked angry. He had eyes so dark they were as black as night, his hair was so black it almost turned blue when the light hit it. He was tall and beefy, crazy built, with broad shoulders and, “wait, what??” Sharry thought. “Did his eyes just look red??” He was getting closer to their hiding spot and he stopped just at the edge, right by them. He put his nose in the air and inhaled deeply. Even though she was completely hidden, Sharry instinctually felt fear. It was a deep rooted fear and she felt like he was looking into her very soul. Suddenly he spoke, “Oh Sharry?? I know you’re out there love. I can smell that blood of yours, pumping through your veins, the blood of my little nephilim. I just can’t wait until we meet darling. We’re going to get along famously!! Me, you, your blood and your lovely red locks of hair. I just can’t wait to cut into you. If you come now, I won’t even kill you. I just need some blood, but it doesn’t have to mean death for you…” Sharry was doing everything in her power not to say something back to this arrogant prick! She almost considered his offer, but Jake shook his head and mouthed, “he’s lying!” Soon the man, who by now Sharry had figured out must be Lucifer whistled and, instead of dogs the wolves-or rather hellhounds raced toward him.  They were nearly as big as he was, their backs level with his shoulders. They were slobbering and crying and competing for his attention. He petted everyone of them, attached them to the leashes and strolled away, like he was just out taking a nice little walk. Not, you know, wanting to rip Sharry apart! None of them moved until he was completely out of sight. 

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.”
“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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