Sharry 8

“Was that who I think it was,” Sharry asked. She was shaking and her skin was as white as a sheet. She felt her knees begin to give out, just as Jake caught her from behind, and she passed out. Jake glared at Michael, “good going Mikey…this is all your fault!” “DON’T call me Mikey!! And my fault?! How in the world is this my fault??!”Michael yelled back. “How is it your fault?? Do you really need to ask me that?? Jump-starting Sharry from her office to, I don’t know, what forest were you in?? You ran into hellhounds, so which one was it Mikey, the forests of Lebanon knowing you. So safe. Just a great place to whisk her off to, so she could get attacked by hellhounds and then…” Suddenly Michael yelled, “ENOUGH!!  Remember your place Jacob!!”

He rose from where he had been crouching by Sharry to his full height and his magnificent wings were raised and poised as if he was about to strike, his dark eyes began to fill with a pale blue light, that moved from his eyes into his face and down throughout his entire body, he pulled out a sleek sword that appeared to glow just like he was, like an extension from his hand…” “Brother, I’m sorry,” Jake said, “please don’t …” he was interrupted by a shriek of pure terror from Sharry. Her eyes were wide and she was staring at Michael in horror. “Close your eyes!!” Jake yelled, putting his hand over her eyes. “You can’t look at him!!” He said, “it could burn your eyes out and blind you!” And he pulled her against his chest.  While Jake was comforting Sharry, Michael returned to the form in which he had originally appeared. “Sharry…” he said, almost pleading. However she interrupted, the fear still evident on her face she scrambled backwards and away from him and clung to Jake. “Stay away from me!” Sharry said meekly. Then she looked back at Jake and said,  “I just want to go home Jake. I need to go home.” Jake looked over at his brother, who slowly nodded, then said, “Sharry, I know – just hear me out,” he said as she tried to interrupt again. “Sharry,” he repeated, “I’m so sorry you had to see me like that. You probably weren’t ready yet. You’re lucky I didn’t fully transform, because..” “It, I mean you, weren’t even finished changing? It actually gets scarier than that?” Sharry interrupted, again. “Yes,” Michael replied, “Much much scarier, I’m afraid. But, you shouldn’t have had to see that on your first night to all of this. With Lucifer showing up and me being an ass, well, I’d say you’ve had quite the bad initiation to our world.” He chuckled sadly. 

“Sharry. I know you don’t like me very much and that you’re probably a bit scared of me too, but we have to get moving on your abilities testing and training ASAP. So, I’ll give you the weekend, but we start your training on Monday morning, 7am sharp!” Sharry looked at him, irked. “I kind of have a job that I need to be at, do you just expect me to drop everything and start this so called training of yours??” She asked. “Yes. You will drop everything. As a matter of a fact, you already have. You’re on a 6 month sabbatical beginning now. Don’t worry, all of your regular duties and activities have been taken care of.” “Don’t worry?!” She howled, “Don’t worry?! You just walk into my life and take over completely and just expect me to go along with it and not worry?! I love my job! As a matter of fact I love my life. You can’t just hijack me and expect me to fall in place like an obedient little puppy!!” “Yes, I can and yes, you should be obedient. Thank you. I’m glad you agree. I need you to if we’re going to stop the prophecy, save heaven and earth and keep you alive. See you Monday morning,” Michael said. Then poof, he was gone. “But, wait…what…that’s not what I was saying – well, oh never mind.” Sharry drooped, she was so exhausted, she just wanted to go home. “Oh, wait! Where Monday morning?” She yelled at the empty space where Michael had been only moments before. “Don’t worry Shar. I’ll get you there.” Jake said softly. 

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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