Sharry 6

“Nothing to do with you??” Michael chuckled and looked at Jake. “You truly didn’t tell her a thing, did you?!” “Well, Sharry your role is centre stage. Sorry to say, but there really aren’t that many halflings out there. And, Lucifer already has his eyes set on you!!”  “What??!!” Sharry shrieked, “The Lucifer has his eyes on me??! Why?! And what in the world is a halfling anyway? And, whatever it is, why do you think I’m one?? I’m not half anything.” “Tell me all you know about your dad,”Michael said. “Um…my dad? Why? What does he have to do with all of this?” Sharry asked. “Just answer the question please Sharry.” “Fine!” She said, “it won’t take me very long. I don’t know my father at all and my mom won’t tell me a thing. But, she did show me a photo of him. She said that if I ever see him, to turn and run away and that he’s dangerous.” “That’s it?” Michael asked. “Well, sugar, you’re about to learn more about him than you ever have!” 

“Wait,”Sharry interrupted, ” you know who my dad is?? I’ve wanted to know more about him, but…I never really knew where to start. With just one photo, I never really had much to go on.And, my mom would tell me nothing. She refused to ever talk about him and would get pretty mad whenever I brought it up.” Michael grinned, he was about to say something when Jake spoke up. “Let me tell her Michael. Please. I think she’s had a rough, crazy, difficult night and she doesn’t need to hear it from mister attitude!” “Hey! I don’t have an attitude. I’m hurt!!” Michael said, feigning shock. “Give it a rest Mickey.” Jake said. He patted the grass beside him for Sharry to join him. “Tell me what? What do you know about my father??” She insisted. Jake sighed and then began talking, “Sharry, hon, your dad is an Angel; which makes you one of the nephilim.” Sharry started to laugh, at first quietly and then hysterically. “My dad is an Angel? You’re out of your mind!!” She said to Jake, she looked over at Michael, who just nodded. “My father is an Angel” she repeated incredulously. “How is that even possible?? Angels and people can, you know, get together? This makes me one of what?? I’ve never even heard of the nefi – nefili – the whatever you said before!! Is this common? How do you even meet an Angel? Is there like  a special Angel hang out or what?! This is crazy! So so crazy! Does my mom know about this??” Jake shrugged, “We’re not sure. If she does, she’s done an excellent job at acting normal and hiding the fact. Oh, and the word is nephilim. These are the offspring of an Angel father with a human woman.”

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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