Santana Dance Competition Day 3

This morning I woke up early again for the dance competition. My daughter likes to arrive early. The traffic on Anthony Henday was so much lighter than yesterday, which I suppose should have been obvious to me, since yesterday was a week day and during rush hour and today was the weekend!! So we arrived even earlier then we anticipated! We were easily able to find a spot in the free lot, which was nice! She only had ballet and pointe today and they were both in the same category. I talked with my sister and her friend for a few minutes and then they went into the theatre. They asked me to join them, but I was finishing my tea. My mom and dad came in just as I was finishing it, so I ended up sitting with them. We ended up sitting in the row just behind my sister. My younger niece had her ballet group in the category before my daughter’s. So we watched them dance first. They did very well. They got first place! Then my daughter received gold for both of her dances. Everyone in the category received gold except one group, who did exceptionally well, they received high gold! Actually, the entire category was quite good! There was definitely a lot of competition!! My older niece was in the same category and they got 3rd place. Since those were the only dances that my daughter had today, we left. I got her Wendy’s on the way home. I just had a small grilled chicken snack wrap, because I wasn’t feeling that hungry! Then we drove home. I was feeling super tired! So was my daughter! My son hadn’t left yet for the birthday party that he was going to, so my oldest daughter quickly helped him have a shower and I wrapped the present that we bought last night. Then my hubby drove him to the party. Both my younger daughter and I laid down and we each fell asleep for about 3 hours!! We were both conked!! Then she had me read a chapter in her English book, so that I could help her with her homework. She is doing assignments on The Life Of Pi. They had to Rewrite a chapter from the Tiger’s perspective. She was feeling confused, because she didn’t quite know how much consciousness to give the tiger. I tried to help her with ideas, but it’s really up to her interpretation… I went on my phone for a while. Then my oldest daughter and my son came upstairs and we talked for a while. My hubby made supper. So, I went downstairs and ate, although I wasn’t feeling really great! Then my younger daughter and I went to the Dollarama, to see if they had elastic, so I could try to do a temporary fix to her dance bra. It broke in rehearsal hall and we were just going to go to La Senza, but both South Common and Southgate closed at 6:00pm. Then we went to Shoppers and picked up a couple of things that we needed. Back at home, I made my oldest daughter some chocolate pudding that she was asking for. Then, while we watched our Mary Kondo show on Netflix, I fixed my younger daughter’s bra the best that I could. It will definitely work tomorrow and hold together, which is what matters!! Then I got my son ready and into bed. I went on my phone, wrote this and now I’m going to get ready for bed, because I have to get up early again. Tomorrow is our long day at the competition!!

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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