Santana Dance Competition Day 4

This morning I woke up early yet again. It was about 7:30 when I woke up. I got ready to go to the final and our busiest day of the Santa Dance Competition. The drive wasn’t bad, because it was a Sunday and traffic isn’t bad early Sunday mornings. We also found parking fairly easily again!! So, we lucked out every day of the competition! My daughter’s first dance of the day was her hip hop dance. I sat with one of the mom’s that I really like and usually sit with. Then I texted my mom to let her and my dad know where we were sitting. They joined us when they got there, which wasn’t that long after I had texted her!! The hip hop went really well! My daughter’s group received gold and first place! Then the younger group from Amanda’s, called AAOD Airways, also received gold and got second and won the choreographers award for the category!! We stayed in the theatre and ny daughter and her friends also sat in the theatre after dancing to watch a full category of Amanda’s hip hop solos. There were literally only Amanda’s dancers in the entire category!! Afterwards, we went to get something to eat really quickly. We wanted to watch her friends tap solo. So I bought a couple muffins and we quickly went to the van, where my daughter had a sub from the other day (my parents had their own sandwiches in their car!!) However, my daughter’s sub ended up being soggy… so she ate the granola bar that my mom gave me and I ate one of the muffins. Then we went back inside. We literally went into the theatre and sat down just as her friend went on stage and began her dance. Then we watched the end of that category. We left the theatre once it was finished and she took a muffin and her drink and went back to the dressing room to get ready for her two lyrical dances. My mom texted me to tell me approximately where they were sitting, so I went to sit with them. We watched a few things, then my younger nieces tap group came on. They did really well. We watched some solos and some more tap groups, the same age as my niece. One of them was an Amanda’s group called Swing, that ended up winning the adjudicator’s choice tap group for the entire weekend!! (Which we didn’t end up finding out until the end of the night!!) Then my daughter’s lyrical category started. There were 3 dancers before their first dance in the performance division, then their first dance was falling, which is her senior 1 lyrical. This is the dance with the 8 foot high ramp that is about 4 feet wide and has a flat platform on top that they can stand on, with a bar that they grab. So, they run up the ramp and grab the bar then step onto the platform. They do some sort of dance step on the platform, my daughter actually does a leg lift while standing on the ramp…you can also climb up the back to get onto the platform, which is what 3 of the girls do at the beginning of the dance. Anyway, they began the dance and the girls did their first steps up on the platform, then they slide under the bar, holding onto it and they’re supposed to let go of it and slide down the ramp…unfortunately four of the screws snapped!!! And it began to slide down with them!! 1 of the girls quickly jumped off the side and out of the way, the girl in the middle also slid down quickly and got out of the way just in time, but the the third girl started to get up and the platform hit the back of her legs! The entire audience gasped! Some of the girls on stage stopped dancing, some continued, they didn’t know what to do, they were all clearly upset, Miss Amanda called them off the stage from the side. It was super scary!! My daughter is one of the dancers who spends the most time on the ramp, but she doesn’t start on the ramp!! The dads came back out and lifted the piece back up, but it looked broken. It was difficult to tell from the audience. We found out afterwards that they didn’t put it together correctly the first time…one side ended up being cracked. He was using a drill, a lot, and the audience was cheering. Then Taylyr (the boy in a bunch of my daughter’s classes) went down each side a couple times to make sure it held. Also, I couldn’t see this, but there were to guys on each side, underneath, holding it together for the whole dance. (This sounds like a long description, but this all happened quite quickly…) Also, my daughter told me that they were all crying and scared and that none of them wanted to go back out there and do it again, because they were scared to go on the ramp now… Anyway, the announcer said something like, “Let’s clear all of that negative energy and welcome these beautiful dancers back onto the stage, Please welcome, Falling!” (My daughter also told me that the announcer was the same lady that Miss Amanda brought into the studio last year who taught them meditation techniques and calming techniques, so she was trying to calm them all down before they went back on stage.) So, they came back out and danced it beautifully, without any accidents or mishaps, my daughter said that their tears and fear probably helped with the emotion, because some of them were still crying when they went back on stage! (I guess that if the ramp is cracked it will have to get fixed before the next competition!!) There were about 4 other dances in the category I think, it was such a long day that it’s hard to remember!! My older nieces class was one of them! Then my daughter’s senior 3 lyrical dance was the last dance in the category. This is the one where they dance with the sheet (that’s sort of like a parachute) and at the last competition it fell off the stage!! This dance is called The Village. They danced beautifully as well! And, no sheet falling off of the stage!! Yay!! During the adjudication the adjudicator commended them (in Falling) for working as a team and having each other’s backs and for having the courage to come back out onto the stage and dance again after the ramp broke like that!! Then she gave them high gold and first place and choreographers award!!! WooHoo!! I had tears in my eyes, it was pretty scary and then when they called out Miss Amanda for the choreographers award she was crying and most of the dancers were also crying on the stage!! Also, my daughter’s other group also received high gold and got second place!! So, they really did incredibly well in that category!! It’s late and I’m rambling, I’m going to try to speed things up here…We went out to stretch our legs for a bit and I saw my daughter. I hugged her and told her how incredible she did. They were all pretty emotional still. It was pretty scary for them. They could hear it cracking and crashing down as they were dancing!! We looked at the photos and you could see it falling down in slow motion and see the girls trying to get out of the way…kind of crazy! You also see their faces!! My daughter had to get ready for her next dance. We went back in and watched some jazz solos, a couple of my daughter’s friends. We probably watched some other things, I can’t remember it all!! Then it was my daughter’s modern category. There were only 3 groups in the category, so it was a small one! My daughter was second, I’m pretty sure my older niece was first. My daughter’s group did way better than they did at the last competition! They aren’t as confident with this dance as they are with their lyrical and jazz, but it was definitely much better! It was cleaner and easier to follow. It looked pretty to watch! They received a high gold and got second in the category! Another group got first, they were from Devon and it was a good dance and my niece’s dance got third. We had a long enough break after this that my daughter changed and we went to the Wendy’s/Timmy’s with my mom and dad for supper. Then we went back to the theatre. My dad found parking fairly easily. Back inside my daughter went back to the dressing room to get ready for her jazz dances. We went into the theatre. We watched some modern solos. Then we watched my younger nieces modern group. They did really well. Then we watched some younger jazz groups, Amanda’s groups did great! Finally the last category of day was my daughter’s jazz category! What a very long day!! My daughter’s first group was her senior 1 jazz Lady G. they were amazing!! They were absolutely on fire tonight!! They did so well! The audience was cheering like crazy!! They were very in sync with each other and they just did awesome! It was fun to watch!! My older niece was also in this category. My daughter’s second jazz dance, senior 3 jazz, Just Say was the second last in the category and they also did amazing!! Both groups were full of energy and really brought it tonight! There was just something about Lady G. tonight. They were just so great! The adjudicator must have agreed, because she gave them a high gold, first place and choreographers award! My daughter’s second group, Just Say also received a high gold and took second place! My niece’s group got third place. That was the final category of the entire competition! Then there were overall awards for the entire weekend. They actually went through them fairly quickly, last year they took a photo with the adjudicator with every person who was still there to receive an award! And, let me tell you, we got home very late!! Tonight, thank goodness, they did not do that!! Amanda’s did really well with the final awards! Miss Amanda already sent out an email with all of the awards on it, but I won’t list them all! We just won quite a few, with every award you win, throughout the weekend and then including the final ones, they give you an overall score. Then they add up all of the scores for the top 3 studios from the weekend. The third wins $200, the second wins $500 and the top studio wins $1000!! And this year, we won top studio!! They had the kids bang on the stage for a drumroll and then announced that Amanda’s Academy of Dance was this year’s top studio!! WooHoo!! The kids were really excited and the youngest ones that were still there went up and got a huge trophy and Miss Amanda got the cheque! Then they took photos!! So they ended up having a great weekend, just the one dangerous mishap with the prop, that could have gone much worse than it did, one person got a bit scraped up, but not bad. The way they hang off of that, they are lucky that it broke when and how it did. It could definitely have been far worse… When it was all finished I took a few photos of them on the stage. Then I saw my daughter in the lobby. She said goodbye to my mom. Then she went to get changed and get her things from the dressing room. My parents went home. When she finished, we drove home, we got drinks on the way, neither of us was hungry, just tired and thirsty. We drove home. I hung up her costumes when we got home. She just threw a bunch of them into her costume bag. Her shoulder is in major pain, but she doesn’t know what she did to it. Not good… Now I’m sooo bloody beat and I have a brutal headache. I took my migraine medication, but it didn’t do squat! I’m off to bed!

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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