Santana Dance Competition Day 2

This morning I had to wake up early, at about 6:30 to get ready for my daughter’s dance competition. We wanted to leave around 8:00 – 8:15 and I still had to get my son ready. So I got up early enough to get myself ready before I got him ready. He woke up while I was getting ready and went on the iPad. Then, I got him ready and we went downstairs. Once we were downstairs, I got his snack ready, he didn’t need a full lunch, just a snack, because he had hot lunch at a school. I had to wake up my oldest daughter to sit with him until it was time for him to walk to school, because my younger daughter and I had to go before it was time to go to school. He said that he would fine walking to school. He has walked home by himself numerous times!! So we said goodbye and left. We had to stop at the bank, because you always need cash. I also got my daughter and I some McDonald’s breakfast, even though it’s not the healthiest…because it’s fast and we left later then we had intended. Then we drove to the Arden Theatre in St Albert. I, by some kind of fluke, found parking in the free parking all day lot across the street!! Yay me!! I didn’t move my van for the rest of the day!! We went inside the theatre and I helped my daughter pin her bra to the back of her costume. Then she had to go back to rehearsal. I went and paid for a program and a pass and went into the theatre. By complete fluke, yet again, I went into the state right at the row where my parents were sitting!! They were in the middle of a tap solo category. My parents were at this competition because both my sister’s kids and my daughter are dancing in this one. My niece was dancing in this solo category. There were also quite a few of Amanda’s dancers. One of whom actually goes to the same school with my niece!! My niece is an exceptional tapper. She received a high gold in the category and took first place! The second and third both went to Amanda’s dancers, who each received golds. The one who got second was the one who is actually in the same school class as my niece! Afterwards, we went out into the lobby briefly and talked to my sister and my niece. She thought that she made all sorts of mistakes…none that were obvious to us or judge, obviously!! My sister and her went home, because they didn’t have to dance for quite a while and my sister’s oldest daughter was at school, but danced later in the day and they had to pick her up. My daughter’s solo was not long after though. There was only one category in between the two, so by the time we went back into the theatre, the small category in between the two was just ending!! My daughter’s lyrical solo category was huge!! There were something like 17 dancers!! The age started at 13 and went up to 18!! They divided it into 13 – 15 and 16 – 18, with a first, second and third in each; then a top 3 overall who received scholarships. My daughter did a great job! She received a silver. I thought that she should have gotten a gold, both Miss Alexis and Miss Amanda apparently told her the same thing!! She said that she felt good about it, which is important. I said that her teacher’s opinions are more important! She wasn’t that upset or anything, which was good. Also, it was such a huge category and there was a lot of tough competition!! There were some exceptional dancers in the category. When they were finished, my dad and mom drove us to Subway, so that we could pick up some lunch and bring it back with us. That way we didn’t lose our good parking spot. They were going home anyway, so they dropped us off and we went back inside and they left. We ate, then we watched two sisters from Amanda’s (both her friends) do a beautiful solo that is about breast cancer that they dedicated to their mom. This is her 10th anniversary of being cancer free since having breast cancer. This will be the only duo that they ever do together and it’s quite lovely. Watching it brings tears to your eyes. Especially when you know that it’s true. Also, because it’s the one mom that I’m probably the closest to at the studio. It was a wonderful dance. They received gold and second. It makes you wish that the adjudicator knew that it was a true story for them and not just a random song that they chose…After that category we watched some little guys do hip hop. They were awfully cute!! Our little group took first place and was the only group to get a gold!! Then my daughter had to go back to rehearsal hall for her next dance. So, I stayed in the theatre and watched some junior tap solos our little girl took first place, she’s just amazing, she totally stands out at all of the competitions!! She’s 2 years younger then everyone else and looks so tiny up on stage, but she just kills it!! It’s too cute!! After that there was another fairly big lyrical solo category (pretty popular style) and there were about 4 or 5 of Amanda’s dancers in it. One of the moms came in at this point and was sitting with me. So we watched this category together. We didn’t really agree with the adjudicator on this category, interestingly enough, just like during my daughter’s lyrical category… she picked people that I thought were kind of meh and then people whom I thought totally stood out she would give a silver to…so strange! Not that I have years of dance training, but you can certainly hear the mumbling around the audience to know that the two of us weren’t the only ones who had differing opinions!! And, it wasn’t just Amanda’s dancers, just certain dancers that seemed to totally stand out, would receive a silver and then dancers that seemed a bit immature or who made no eye contact and showed zero emotion (for a lyrical solo – which is all about emotion) she would give a gold to!! So strange! Anyway, the next category was the category that our daughter’s were in, their Oh The Terrors dance, their production – oh right, I was going to check what it’s actually called, I think it’s Musical Theatre Large Group or Line (I’m not sure if it’s a large group or a line…). Anyway, they did AMAZING!! Like they always do in this category! It’s just such a fun dance to watch! I know my daughter told my parents not to bother watching it, that it’s okay if they go home, but it’s incredible!! It’s so entertaining! You really don’t want to miss it! It’s just so good! The adjudicator was blown away!! She was cheering and thanking Amanda for entertaining her and for all her hard work and for instilling in every single dancer the importance of face and spacing and timing and being together and performance quality…she couldn’t stop gushing about it. It really is quite an amazing performance. It looks professional. They’re so on the ball and in time with each other. It’s just very very well done. They received high gold, choreographers award and overall choreographers award for the day!! So Amanda was very happy about that!! After that dance, we were finished for the day. My daughter came out front to get the group photo taken, then went back to the dressing room to change. She took a while longer than normal, because she couldn’t find one of her shoes!! I was just heading back to help her when she texted me to tell me that she found it!! It was almost out the door of the dressing room! It looked like someone must have thought it was theirs and, thankfully, realized that it wasn’t, but just kicked it off by the door. At least it wasn’t gone! Those are her Vans that she wears for her hip hop class and they weren’t cheap shoes… She finally did come out and we went to the van and started to drive home. We stopped at a Husky on the way to get something to drink, because we were both very thirsty. Then we drove home. Once we were home, I was feeling exhausted. She was stressed about English homework that was due tonight by midnight. My son and I went to Shoppers and I bought my daughter face wipes and we bought a birthday present for the party that he’s going to tomorrow. Then we came back home. We had supper. Then my son and I played a game for about an hour. Then I went upstairs and steamed my daughter’s pointe costume. Then I got her stuff ready for tomorrow, her correct shoes, tights, costumes, bras, makeup, etc. So that she didn’t have to worry about doing that like she usually does and she could do her English homework. She still only got half of it finished. She had a super bad headache and was really tired. So she went to bed. Then I got myself ready for bed and my son ready for bed. Now I’m actually going to go to bed, because I’m sooo exhausted and I have to get up really early! Thankfully tomorrow she only has her regular ballet and her pointe. Sunday is her crazy day…she has Hip Hop, Modern, 2 Lyrical dances and 2 Jazz dances…so yes, we will be there ALL day Sunday! However, tomorrow she can finish her English and then get ready for Sunday, the crazy busy day!! I mean only 6 out of her 10 dances are on Sunday…sigh!

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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