Wow!! I Was Actually Up Most Of The Day!!

This morning I woke up at about 10:10. I got myself dressed and ready to go out. Then I went downstairs and had some oatmeal. My daughter and I went to the dance store called On Stage and we finally bought her new pointe shoes, her old ones are so worn and broken down and they were really hurting her feet. With the first competition only a couple of weeks away, she only has a short amount of time to work them in before she has to wear them at competition!! We also bought her beige jazz shoes and 2 pairs of tights, black jazz tights and beige tights, I’m pretty sure they use the beige ones for lyrical and modern and sometimes jazz as well, it depends on the costume, she has both black and beige shoes and tights for jazz. They didn’t have the correct brand of pink ballet tights, so we didn’t buy those there. The brand matters, especially for pink and beige, because the colour can really change between the brands. So we drove to the other dance store that we often go to in Sherwood Park called And All That Jazz. We were able to buy the correct brand of ballet tights there! Then I bought her Wendy’s for lunch and we drove home.

Here is a couple photos of her trying on the pointe shoes (in her fancy sweats – lol!!):

Of course she ties the front strings and tucks them in. Then she sees on the small ankle elastics and she sews on the pretty ribbons that tie up around her ankles. Last year her teacher taught them how to do it themselves and wouldn’t allow them get their mom’s to do it! She told them that every pointe dancer goes through a ton of pointe shoes and needs to know how to sew her own elastics and ribbons onto her own shoes. I don’t care how long it takes you!! They took a whole class for it, to ensure that they all lined them up correctly. Then they had to finish them up at home! So, now she has to sew these new ones!! When we got home, I had a shower. My skin has been ridiculously dry, probably from all of our cold cold weather, and my younger daughter was bugging me to exfoliate more…so I took a long shower and used some oatmeal exfoliating stuff that I bought a while ago from Bath And Body Works. It was super nice!! Once I got out of the shower I dried my hair and tottered around upstairs for a while. Then I had to get dressed again and drive my daughter back to the city for her production rehearsal. I got my usual at Timmy’s (you know all these ear grey teas at Timmy’s and my daughter has “rolled up a lot of rims” and I haven’t won once!! Not one stinking time!! Weird huh?!) Anyway, I went back to the studio and talked briefly to my oldest daughter on the phone. Then I talked to my mom. After that I leaned my seat back and closed my eyes and just rested and waited for her to be finished. I was up for a long time today, compared with recently. I’m trying to get moving a bit more. I know that even though I’m still not 100% I can’t stay in my bed forever!! However, by then I was feeling pretty tired out. Once she was finished, at 6:30, we drove home. She had pizza that my oldest daughter ordered for everyone with a coupon (while we were gone). I had a bit of yesterday’s leftovers. Then I let out the dogs and filled up the water bottles, even though it was pretty early. I came upstairs and laid down, because I was feeling beat and my tummy was sick. My younger daughter came in around 8:30 and we talked until about 9:00. Then I laid in bed until I got my son into bed. I went on my phone for a while. Now I’m going to get ready for bed and hit the hay!

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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