TN Sucks – Glucose Tolerance Test Today!

Feeling really tired and ready for bed, but that’s probably not big news to you! I almost always write this before bed, when I’m sitting in bed, after brushing my teeth and doing other bed-prep! Soooo, saying that I’m tired happens a lot here!!  My face was being a bit of a bugger today. Not as bad as a 10 on the pain scale (a scale that many Drs use to help you rate your pain, 1, hardly any pain and 10 the most excruciating, I can’t survive like this, pain possible) or anything, but not a 1 either. It was somewhere in the middle. I hate it though, passionately. Yesterday, at the TN meeting, it really helped hearing the emotional experiences and stories of some of the others (I was late, so I missed some). When you hear that others are suffering or have suffered as you have. Suddenly, you’re no longer suffering alone, often in silence. I appreciate their honesty and openness when discussing their experiences. It’s not easy to tell some of these things and these people obviously feel safe in this group and a sense of trust and connection, which would’ve nice to be a part of!!  Of course I probably jinxed myself when I said I was doing okay…Murphy’s law and all that- it just had to flare up today!! lol   I also really appreciated hearing the sides of the partners and caregivers. It was interesting to see their view. The support of the partners and caregivers was great, we all know that our caregivers and partners are invaluable! I guess that right on the info about meetings it states that spouses and caregivers are welcomed, I was just the dolt who didn’t know that!!! Oops!  Kim was great in person too! I’d only briefly met her at the TN Awareness night, she runs the meetings phenomenally well and it can’t come easy, being immersed in the disorder herself!! I was impressed with her individual connection with everyone and how she seems close with everyone. She makes you want to tell her your story; although I chickened out – lol Oh well, shyness is what often happens to me in situations like that. I feel like maybe I’m not good enough for people, so I shut down and run out of things to say, often awkwardly – lol. Well, we all have our quirks right! Now you know one of mine. Look at me, I spent most of my time talking about the TN meeting again. Didn’t plan that ! Oops!  

I did have my glucose tolerance test this morning/afternoon. I sure was hungry around 1:00, after having fasted, no food or liquids, since last night. The lab tech said my dr will have the results in 24-48 hours. So that’s good!! It won’t be forever until I find out whether or not I have prediabetes. The suspense is getting to me. Not that I want to fall in The prediabetes blood sugar range, but I do want to know whether or not I do. If that makes any sense!!  The other thing that I would like, is to head to bed!! Night all 💤😴

Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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