Sharry 21

“What time frame did Lucifer give us?” Asked Sharry. “Because, I am still very human and need to sleep now! And no, I’m not sleeping with the students in the barracks. I’m going grab my mother, who is also clearly exhausted and..” both Michael and Jake interrupted saying, “you  guys are not going home!!” “I wasn’t going to say home, as wonderful as that would be, I know it’s not safe right now. No, mom’s office had two couches, you guys can grab us some bedding from your camp-half Angel, oh! I like the sound of that!!” “Honey?” Her mom said.  “Yes mom,”Sharry yawned. “You’re so tired, that you’re starting to ramble! Now one of those couches is a hide-a-bed and the bed is wonderful and, boys?” “Yes” Michael and Jake said in unison. “I have the best bedding already. Don’t you go executing your plan without us?? I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and find you guys gone!!” “No ma’am” they said in unison again. Sharry yawned again and said “goodnight Jake” and kissed his cheek without thinking about who may be watching. He took her hand and walked her into the hallway. “You wouldn’t happen to have a spare t-shirt?”Sharry asked him. He pulled his off and then pulled her into him. She sighed, feeling completely comfortable and at ease. This was her safe place, in Jake’s arms him holding her tight. He looked down into her eyes. “Long crazy day right?” He said. “Yes,” she sighed and stifled a yawn, “just kiss me.” So Jake smiled and complied. His kisses made her melt. She was just about to sigh again when she heard someone clearing his throat. They both stopped and looked at Ezekiel watching them looking stearnly at Jake. “Okay,” Sharry said, “I’m going to bed, we were saying goodnight and you’ve been my dad for like 2hours…I’m not sure if that gives you throat clearing authority yet. Besides, I’m 19, where were you when I was in grade 7 and Bradly Finghauser was in grade 8…and well, never mind!!” She leaned in Kissed Jake on the lips, said goodnight and looked at Ziech and said, “goodnight.” Then yawning, she walked to her mom’s office. 

Her mom had already gotten the bed ready. “Too bad you don’t have a bathroom in this joint mom. We’d be all set!” Sharry said. “Oh honey, of course I have my own bathroom, are you crazy. The only human surrounded by Angels all the time. I needed my own livable space. I even have a mini fridge.” “Wow mom! Nice! Living the life. Where is this bathroom?” “It’s just at the back, that door beside the shelf. I even got you a toothbrush in there!!” “Oh Mamma! You know me so well! I’ll be right back.” Sharry went into the bathroom, “Wow! Even a shower! You rock mom!” She yelled through the door. She splashed water on her face and decided to hop in the shower. After a quick rinse, hair washed, teeth brushed, Jake’s shirt smelling like him, she felt so much better. When she went back into the office her mom was sipping a scotch, “drink?” She asked. “Not tonight mom. I’m beat. But, I gotta ask mom. Is this really where you’ve been ‘working’ for the past 21 years?? When you tell me you’re going to the office, this is where you come??” Her mom sighed, “yes hon. Yes it is.”  “Huh…there’s so much that I want to know mom, but for now, I’m hitting the hay! I am so tired.” Her mom nodded and smiled,”you can ask me anything and now I can tell you!! You have no idea how happy that makes me feel! I love you darling. Night Night.” “Night mom,” Sharry said yawning again. She climbed into bed laid her head in the pillow, sighed and closed her eyes. 

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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