Sharry 14

“How could Lucifer get past your guards??” Sharry yelled! She hadn’t stopped yelling for 15 minutes, she was not taking the news about her mothers abduction well, not that anyone would expect her to! Jake had tried consoling her, as had Michael, but neither could calm her down. “Why me? Why my mom? Look out there,”she pointed out the window to the field where the practicing and training was still going on, like nothing monumental and life changing had happened to any of them. “Just look at them all?? Why me and my mom?? Why show up last night and taunt me? Then the very next day take my mom?? Michael, what is really going on here? Please be honest with me or I’m going to march outside, grab one of those sticks with the sharp curved blade on the end that they’re training with and cut your head off!!” She was up and yelling, so much so that a security guard/Angel knocked on the door and asked, “is everything okay in there boss??” “It’s fine,” Michael replied. “Sharry!! You need to sit down and breath!!  We’re trying to figure out what to do here and you’re in no shape to help your mom in the state you’re in! Just sit down and breath and stop yelling!” Michael yelled. That seemed to have knock a little sense into Sharry, for she sat and did what Michael had requested. Jake stood behind her chair and started to rub Sharry’s shoulders, but she shrugged him off and said, “not now Jake, please.” Instead he sat back down beside her and she reached out and held his hand. “Look, okay Michael, I’m calming down. Please tell me what you know??”

“Well, I’m just going to cut to the chase and say it, you’re the chosen one Sharry!” Michael said. Before Jake or Sharry could interrupt or object, he continued, “you have to be! Lucifer obviously knows something about this prophecy that we don’t…nothing else makes sense. We also know that he only has a couple weeks to get you in time, in order to fulfill the prophecy. He’s getting desperate. I’m expecting a ransom call, more likely he’ll ask for a trade , you for your mom, which of course…” both Jake and Sharry interrupted. Sharry said, “of course we’ll do!” While Jake said, “of course we’ll never agree to!” Sharry glared at Jake and angrily asked, “how can you say that?! It’s my mom Jacob!!” Jake said, “hon, it’s clearly going to be a trap! If you truly are the chosen one, we can’t let Lucifer get near you!” Sharry said, “of course it’s going to be a trap, but it’s my Mom Jake, my mother, I have to do everything in my power to get her back!! Can’t you track her or feel her aura or whatever it is you Angels do? You found me that way, right?” Jake said, “she’s not part Angel, so we have to do this the human’s way of doing things! That is, unless you have something of hers that she treasures or she’s prayed with? Something extremely special. It has to be something she’s used almost like a talisman or prayer beads. I may be able to find a bit of a trace of her spirit if you have something like that.” “I’m wearing it,” Sharry said. She put her hands behind her neck and unclasped a simple gold box chain, with a small gold cross on it. “This was my grandmothers, my mom’s, and now it’s mine. It was passed down to me at my confirmation. Here,” she said as she handed it to Michael. Now do your Angel voodoo or whatever it is you do to ‘trace her spirit’ and please hurry!!”

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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