Day to day stuff and Sharry 15

Wow! I just re-read last night’s post and there sure were a lot of mistakes in it!! It’d be better for people who are following along to read it on the day after I write it. I always go back the next day and read what I wrote and correct whatever errors I’ve made. WordPress had an update and it took me a bit to figure some of the things out. Don’t you hate some updates?? At least when they first come out anyway. After you play around with it and catch on, hopefully, to the changes. I know the idea is that they are improving things or making them more user friendly, so they say, but it doesn’t feel like that when you first look at something that you just got the hang of and it’s all changed! Am I right?? It’s like I just got good at using the maps on my phone. I could get routes, I could get the dude to talk over my Bluetooth to tell me where I was going it was all good, then bam! IOS 10 comes out and it’s changed. Argh! It’s not like I won’t figure it out or anything, it’s just that you feel like, okay, here I go again! There’s probably so many things that my phone is capable of that I have no idea about! Just completely clueless! But…that’s what I have kids for! Am I right? It’s like they look at the new changes and they’re like, hey mom, look at this cool new thing with messenger and that’s how I learn it…just a lot slower than they did – lol! So, last night it took me forever to figure out how to change my writing from a draft to published…but, in the end I conquered that update and I won and my story of many mistakes was born, for your reading pleasure…hope everyone isn’t too sick of Sharry. I just want to write about it when I sit down to write. That’s the first place my mind goes. Maybe it’ll turn into a real book one day, you never know right? It’s important to be positive! I was talking to a girl I met on Facebook who is an author and has self-published (she calls it indie publishing) quite a few books. I asked her how she writes so many stories. She told me to commit writing at least one page a day, no matter what. Then you will get there and it won’t feel like it was hard. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing, without really thinking about it. Huh. I guess we’ll see. 

Back to Sharry:
“It’s not what I’d call ‘Angel voodoo’ Sharry. I just have to go to the chapel and pray with the necklace and then, once enough time has passed and I feel connected with your mom, I must chant while holding the necklace over a map and it will naturally pull or point towards the area on the map where your mom’s spirit is.” Michael said, “however in this case, it’s probably better if Jacob does it.  He’s met your mom and knows her, since there’s already a connection there, it should come to him sooner than it would for me.” “That’s exactly what I was going to suggest, brother.” Jake said, as Michael handed the necklace to him. “I’m going to go there now.” He said. “I’d like to come, please” Sharry said.  “I’m feeling desperate and I need to do some praying of my own.” “Okay,” Michael said, “and Jake, try to make it snappy. I’m expecting Lucifer’s call to be coming soon, it’d be really great to get the drop on him and have the location that Sharry’s mother is being held, before he asks about a trade!!” “I know man, it’s definitely time-sensitive,” Jake said. “We’re going right now.”

Sharry got up and followed Jake out the door, through the lodge and back outside. If she thought some people were staring at her before, this time it felt like everyone was watching her, as she walked with Jake, grasping his hand tightly, holding back tears and trying not to panic. She kept telling herself over and over that it was going to be okay, that Jake was about to find where her mom is being held. She knew that Lucifer was dangerous, but she didn’t think he’d hurt her mom, not if he needed her alive for a trade. “How can I be the chosen one,” she thought to herself, “what does Lucifer know that we, or even Michael doesn’t know?? Michael always seems to know everything. I wonder if he will be able to hear my prayers? Or do I have to be praying to him, not God? Do I actually have any privacy left or not…it kind of is starting to feel like not!!” Sharry hadn’t really been focusing on her rambling thoughts and hadn’t been paying attention to where they were walking, but now they headed up the steps to a small chapel. She had expected something far grander, especially if the Angels use it, but when she said so to Jake, he explained that this did used to be a children’s camp and that most of the buildings, including this small chapel, had been here when they’d acquired the land. She didn’t really want to know how Angels go about acquiring land, so she just nodded. Jake was rambling on and on, likely because he was worried about her and was trying to make her hopeful and happier. He was trying really hard to take her mind off of things, but she was too lost in her head and hadn’t really been paying attention to what he was saying. 

Sharry was starting to feel a bit numb and dizzy and was wondering what it felt like to go into shock. She was feeling overwhelmed by everything hat had happened in only two days!! First off, her boyfriend turns out to be her guardian Angel, then she’s abducted by Michael to learn all about Angels. Then she finds out that she’s a half Angel, because her mother did the deed with an Angel (if they looked anything like the Angels she’s seen so far, well…go mom!!). Next she learns that there’s a weird Angel prophecy that she’s now at the centre of. Not only is Lucifer alive, but he’s after half Angels, the nephilim, and, it turns out that his half Angel of choice is her! Now she’s in some sort of Angel/Nephilim military-training type of camp, where she finds out that her mom has been taken by Lucifer, to get to her!! And, as she plopped down onto a pew in the tiny chapel she sighed audibly and flipped over the praying thing that you kneel on and went onto her knees, bowed her head and started to sob uncontrollably. 

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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