Live Your Dreams!!

Do you follow your dreams or just dream?

Without action dreams are just thoughts!

Have you considered how it may seem,

To be only thinking lots and lots?

Have you ever even considered,

What you’d need to do?

To turn your thoughts, ideas and brainwaves,

All of your dreams, 

Towards steps that you can take,

Things that you can actually do!

To make your dreams a reality when you’re awake!

What’s the first thing you could do?

Writing things down can really help you!

It can make intangible thoughts, dreams and ideas,

Into actual, achievable, realistic goals!

Things that you can do!

Breaking big things down into smaller steps,

Can turn the overwhelming into achievable ideas!

It’s also helpful to write down your dreams!

If something pops into your head,

Have a journal handy and write whatever it is down!!

I’ve had so many book ideas, 

That pop into my head at night. 

I used to believe I’d just remember the next day. 

But, I usually forgot!

Now, I write it down in the “notes” section on my phone. 

Do whatever works for you! 

A journal, smart phone notes, or even just a pad of paper. 

The point is to see what you’ve written. 

What are realistic and actually possible. 

Sometimes we have to start with the small dreams 

And work our way up to the bigger ones. 

I dreamt about writing each and every day!

Here I am, after a year and 9 months. 

Still writing every day!

My next dream is to get published. 

I started small, with just a poem. 

I’m going to continue doing the small things, 

But I’m heading towards a book. 

I’m currently on the research task. 

To learn all I can about getting published. 

Take your dreams. 

Your thoughts and ideas. 

Figure out your first step. 

And do it!!

Don’t you want to look back, years later,

And feel proud of the life that you’ve lived?

No regrets?!

Live your dreams!

Live the life that you were born to live!

It’s probably not going to be easy. 

But, you can do it!!

Just Do It!


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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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