Sudden Venting…

Today was a lazy Sunday. I was feeling so tired out today. I actually had a nap this afternoon for a couple hours! It’s probably from all of the prep (cleaning, organizing, etc) for my daughter’s birthday party yesterday. Our house hadn’t had a good, real cleaning in too long, so we cleaned the main floor and basement- even though it took forever. We sure have a lot of stuff to go through! We barely scratched the surface! We have so much that’s accumulated over the years. It sometimes freaks me out, because I feel like all of our junk is probably a fire-hazard! I’m the “saver” in the family, or, you know the “pack-rat” who keeps everything “for sentimental reasons.” I’ve let it get to the point of being overwhelmed with stuff. Whenever Jo comes to help me clean, she usually leaves with her van filled to the brim with stuff. She’s really good at helping me go through things. She’d be proud to see how the upstairs closet looks – without her help! I even had counter showing in the kitchen and my art corner finished. I know that they were just kids coming over, but it was so bad that it’s embarrassing!! I try to keep up, but I find myself always slipping and then I feel like I blink and it’s suddenly a mess again. It happens too easily. We’re trying to get on top of our kids too! I mean the girls are 19 and (as of tomorrow) 14!! That is definitely old enough to clean the kitchen or tidy up. We don’t ask that much of them, just the dishes, their rooms and their bathroom…the only daily chore is really the dishes. They can’t even stay on top of that without us having to nag at them about it, again and again. It’s frustrating, to say the least. My hubby and I are at he end of our rope with our oldest. It’s been a year since she graduated and she’s done what?? Nothing!!! Soooo frustrating! She thinks it should be exactly equal chore-wise between her and her sister. She is constantly playing the “it’s not fair” card, which gets super tiresome. She’s five years older, out of school for a year and doing what exactly??? NOTHING!! That’s what, absolutely nothing! We need to light a fire under that girls ass. She has no motivation to do anything. No passion, nothing. She spent the last year (the entire year) working for a whole two months and finishing her social class. That’s it. And she complains when she needs to help out and her sister isn’t. Even if her sister is in school, dancing and doing homework. She still thinks things should be “fair”! Well, life’s not fair my dear. It’s not. You’re the older one by five years and you do nothing!! Even when we point out how much busier her younger sister is, she doesn’t care, it’s just not fair. Well, where I am right now?? Suck it up honey!!! And get those f…ing dishes washed before I lose it!! Well, then. Look at me venting! Lol! Totally wasn’t my intention when I started writing tonight. I guess it’s been bothering me more than I thought.  My husband is even more bothered by it. If I’m at the end of my rope, well, he already fell off the rope. There’s nothing left, no leeway whatsoever. I think he’s super close to losing it on her. She’s always, “I know, I know, get a job, bla bla bla…”  The attitude mixed with the utter laziness is just done for him. He’s so ready to snap. I’m not sure I want to witness it either. They have very similar, very stubborn personalities. I don’t know if she realizes how far she’s pushed him. However, someday soon, she’s going to find out. I might not want to be in the room or house on that day…lol.  She doesn’t seem to care about anything anymore. I want her to find something that draws the passion from her, but we’ve been unable to find anything. I try to talk to her about it. But, she just gets super defensive and upset, even if I’m talking to her in an attempt to help her look for jobs. Asking her what she wants and what appeals to her and she’s always saying, “I don’t know!” Well, school starts this week and she needs to figure out what she’s doing this year, because sitting on the couch watching tv is no longer going to be an option. She needs to find something. If she doesn’t want to find something she’s passionate about, work at bloody McDonalds for all I care. Just do something, anything!!! Well, now that my venting session is complete, I should probably get to bed. It’s already 12:35! I’m beat! Goodnight my friends.

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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