Great Canadian Dance Challenge Day 1

This morning I had to wake up at 6:10am to drive my daughter to work. I got home and walked into my bedroom literally just as my alarm was going off for the time that my son wanted to go on my phone. He did that for about a half an hour. Then we got him ready for school and I dropped him off. When I got home I had breakfast and I called my daughter’s school and told them that she was going to be at a dance competition today. Then we both got ready to leave. We drove to Fort Saskatchewan, where her first competition is taking place. Her first dance today was her lyrical solo. She did exceptionally well! She truly danced beautifully. I know that I probably sound biased, because I’m her mother, but she has improved significantly since last year. I really enjoyed watching her. She was in the most difficult lyrical solo category for the entire weekend (I guess that she is 16 now & has been dancing since she was quite young and dances more than 9 + hours per week…) and she received a gold!! Yay!! After her solo, we had about an hour and 15 minutes. We quickly drove to our hotel and checked in. (We discovered the other day that my hubby still had points for The Best Western hotels. Enough points that he could get a free night. We decided that the two nights that would be the most helpful to stay over would be Thursday and Friday. It will only end up costing about $60 per night, which makes it quite reasonable!!) We brought our things up to our room and she changed into her hip hop costume and also got her senior 3 lyrical costume ready. Then we had to go back to the theatre. Her next dance was her hip hop group. They also received gold and placed second in their category!! Which was great! She had to go from hip hop directly to rehearsal hall for her lyrical dance, after changing of course! I just waited in the lobby. I actually had a nice talk with one of my favourite moms that I haven’t seen since last year!! Then, when she went for munchies with her husband, I ended up talking with a lady who traveled from Saskatchewan for this competition with her daughter. We actually had a nice talk. Then I went back into the theatre to watch the lyrical. So far, most of us moms had preferred the morning adjudicator to the afternoon/evening one. The latter one seemed to have a way with pointing out individual flaws on stage. This is something that we generally do NOT see adjudicators do. They usually point out things not to do or to improve on to the entire group, but not one by one to each individual, telling them what they do wrong. It was very negative…For this lyrical dance our dancers use a huge prop, almost like a huge piece of fabric, similar to a parachute that kids would play with at camp or in a gym class, but they use it to dance with. It’s really quite beautiful. However, tonight, at one point, when it gets placed at the front of the stage, it accidentally slipped off the front of the stage and down onto the floor by the audience!! So they unfortunately had to complete the rest of the dance without the most important part of the dance in it…The thing is, they barely batted an eye and they kept right on dancing and finished the entire dance…not only did they finish it, but they danced it beautifully!! Some of the dads who were watching said, after the fact, that they thought that it was supposed to happen!! So, when the adjudicator was talking to them she said that wasn’t supposed to happen was it?! And they said no. And she said that they did an excellent job at continuing to dance despite the prop mishap! Then, after praising them, she proceeds to give them a high-silver!! They totally deserved higher than that! People around me, who weren’t from our dance studio gasped in shock! I heard a couple people say “what?!” and someone say “you’ve got to be joking”. None of them were from Amanda’s!” They were the best dance on the stage during that category, hands down and that’s with the prop mishap! I went out to the lobby after adjudication, wondering if I was the only parent who was upset, but I most definitely was not! Everyone was shocked! That she would say, great job at continuing to dance like nothing wrong happened and then giving them such a low score for such a powerful dance…crazy!! She basically saw the prop fall and judged that, period! Oh well! It happens. We can’t be happy with every adjudicator and nothing can be done about it. I’m just glad that I was not the only one who felt that way and that other people from other studios also felt that they were completely misjudged!! Once my daughter came out and met me in the lobby, we talked for a bit with another mom. Then we went back into the theatre with a couple other Amanda people and watched some hip hop solos that my daughter wanted to watch. Afterwards we went through the Wendy’s drive thru. Then we took our food back to our hotel room. I got the grilled chicken sandwich. I didn’t eat all of it, even so, it’s not sitting well in my tummy. I’m still just so darn nauseous. I’m going to get ready for bed. I’m pretty sure that my daughter is sleeping. We have to head back to the theatre bright and early in the morning!!

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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