Happy Birthday To Me!!

It’s my birthday today. We woke up at about 7:30. We went downstairs and I opened my presents. It was the only time today that everyone would be home at the same time. I received two Google Home Minis, one for the main floor and one for my bedroom. They are pretty neat. We played around with it a lot today. My kiddos went to school not long after I opened my gifts. We had breakfast and watched some YouTube videos. My old friend called me and I talked with her for a while. It’s been a long time since we talked. We watched some videos about Google Home and setting it up and the different things that you can use it for. Then it was passed lunch time, so we had something to eat. Afterwards my daughter left for work. I went upstairs and got dressed and then I drove to the lab. I arrived just in time, because about 7 or 8 people came in right after me and there was a pretty long wait!! I waited for about 15-20 minutes. When I went back they took about 5 or 6 vials of blood and I had to do urine sample too. I also have to do another stool sample, but that is one that you do at home. After the lab it was just after 3:00, so I went directly to my daughter’s school to pick her up. We drove home so that she could change, then I drove her to dance. I drove back to Beaumont right after. We stopped at Shoppers and then Sobeys. My hubby BBQ’d burgers not long after I came home. It was just him, my son and I. We made enough for the girls to eat when they came home. After supper, my son and hubby dropped me off at my meditation class and they went to get my daughter from dance. During this class we did two meditations again. The first one was a mindfulness meditation. She started with a quick progressive relaxation meditation and then went into a description about a waterfall. I find it easier to do the guided meditations, which she said is normal when you are starting out. The last 5 minutes were just quiet and I found it difficult to remain focused and had many intrusive thoughts. The second meditation we did was a transcendental meditation (I think…). This time we had 15 minutes of quiet after she guided us in, there was relaxing music playing and we were supposed to focus on the mantra “rum”, said very slowly over and over in your mind. I had some disruptive thoughts during this one and I wanted to say “om”, not “rum”. It was good though. Definitely very relaxing. I don’t think I got to that sweet spot (as she calls it) where you find yourself in the place of quiet between your thoughts, where there’s ultimate peace and inspiration and healing. My thoughts were just too intrusive tonight. I did enjoy it though. After we were finished, I walked home. It was a beautiful day. When I got home I did a couple things and then I got my son ready for bed. I read to him in our bed so that he could see the silly pictures in the Captain Underpants book and then he went up on his bed and I sang to him. Afterwards I watched a tv show with my oldest, she came home from work while I was upstairs with my son. Then I got ready for bed. Now I’m going to crash. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. Night All! 💤😴

To help with research and treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to http://www.tnnme.com (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.” “Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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