Sundance Dance Festival Day 2

This morning, once the kids were at school, I decided that I was going to snooze some more! However, before I went to bed, I called the dr back. I told her that I wanted to try the Flagyl. This is the antibiotic that she initially wanted to put me on, but she didn’t because years ago, when I was in the hospital after one of my surgeries, I had an allergic reaction to it. However, I was on many different medications at the time and I didn’t have a severe reaction, I just couldn’t swallow, at all! No matter how much I tried, I was unable to swallow. At the time they decided it was probably the Flagyl, as that was the drug that had been administered before I had that reaction, but they didn’t really know. Anyway, the dr said that Flagyl is the best medicine to kill off the little buggers in my tummy that are making me sick. The last antibiotics that they gave me didn’t work and the other one she considered trying isn’t available in Canada. So, it was down to Flagyl. Anyway, I left a message with the receptionist for the dr, stating that I wanted to try the Flagyl. About 2 hours later, interrupting my sleep, I received a call back from her saying that she faxed the Flagyl prescription to Rexall for me. Yay! So, I slept for a while longer, kind of off and on. My hubby was supposed to have his meeting with the lady who is helping him find a job. He got ready and drove downtown and arrived at her office to be told that she wasn’t there. He ended up meeting with someone else for a while. She did have a good reason for not being there, she’s in the hospital. Even so, he was pretty disappointed. I think he’s getting a bit stir-crazy. Also, he is very concerned about money or rather the lack of it!! He went to Southgate and got a gift for our son’s birthday, then he came back home. I got up and he told me that the pharmacy had called, I wasn’t surprised. They were concerned that I had been prescribed a medication that is marked on my file as something I am allergic to. So, they hadn’t filled it yet. I explained the situation and asked him to go ahead and fill it. I called my daughter’s school and told them that she was leaving early today and that she will be missing tomorrow for a dance competition. This competition is called the Sundance Dance Festival, or something like that. It started yesterday, but my daughter didn’t have any dances yesterday. I went and picked her up from school. We came back home and started getting ready for the competition. She had to do her hair and makeup, etc, so that she would be ready to dance when we got there. I didn’t need to do all that much to get ready to go. So, I did what I needed to do, then I went to the Rexall to pick up the Flagyl. We still don’t have any health insurance, so I had to pay full price. I didn’t really care, I just want to feel better. I also got a couple things that my daughter needed for the competition and then I got some cash out, because entrance fees are always due in cash at competitions. I went home and my daughter was almost ready to go. I took my first dose of the antibiotics and, low and behold, no allergic reaction!! My daughter did a couple more things, then we left. My oldest daughter was leaving at the same time, she had to go to the David’s Tea on Whyte Avenue for her orientation. We had to get gas for the van, but then we left Beaumont and headed to Fort Saskatchewan and the Dow Theatre. We arrived about 10 minutes before she was expected. We bought my entrance pass and a program and then she went back to the dressing rooms. I waited in the lobby for about an hour. Thankfully some of the other Amanda moms sat by me and we were talking. They told me that the competition was running about 15 minutes early. I probably wouldn’t have gone into the theatre in time, if they hadn’t told me that!! I watched my daughter dance her lyrical solo and a couple other Amanda’s dancers were in the same category. In the end she received a silver. At this competition that is a score between 80 – 84. There are only bronze, silver, gold and high gold at this competition, there is no high silver this time. Every competition scores things differently than the last. Also every adjudicator is different and looks for different things. I thought that she danced well, better than she did last competition, in my opinion. I think she felt better too. We met afterwards in the lobby. We decided to stay to watch the next category, it was more lyrical solos, but they were at a higher level and mostly older. There were 3 Amanda girls in this category. They did really well. We went home after that category. I stopped at the Wendy’s and got my daughter some chicken strips and each of us a drink. I wasn’t feeling hungry. We drove to Beaumont. We stopped at the Shoppers to get her a new charge cord for her phone. They didn’t have hair nets and she needs one for her ballet dance on Saturday, so we quickly went to Rexall and got one there. Then we went home. My hubby and son were upstairs reading a story before bed. My oldest was home, sitting on the couch eating. She had gotten home a bit before us. At her orientation they gave her a box of different types of tea that she has to try and write about for her training. She said that she’s allowed to wear whatever she wants to work and she will be at the Whyte Ave David’s Tea two times next week to train. I did a couple things on the main floor and let the dogs out. Then I went upstairs and got ready for bed. I’m tired. I decided that it was too late for the treadmill tonight. I’m going to bed now.

Night All! 💤😴

To help with research and treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.” “Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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