The Bug Infestation!!

My son is really into YouTube. He's only seven, but he rarely watches tv and almost always chooses to watch YouTube. So, right now he's into watching skateboarding videos. Mainly ones of a father with a young son, about my son's age, and their skateboarding escapades. The little boy also plays with a hand board and finger boards, otherwise known as Tech Decks. These are just mini-skateboards that you play around with with your fingers. Of course, watching this little boy play with his Tech Decks made my son want his own!! So, he decided that he wanted to buy his own with his own money from his piggy bank. We searched it and found that you can buy them at ToysRUs. So, we drove to the city after lunch, my oldest daughter, my son and I (my younger daughter is still at camp!) went. When we got there, we couldn't find them. We asked someone who works there where to find them. They went to the spot where they generally are, but there weren't any there. So, she asked another sales associate who went into the warehouse and came back with a box that had about 5 or 6 in the package and one that just had one. Of course he wanted the one with 6. So that's what he bought!! It was only about $20.

After ToysRUs, we went to Chapters. My daughter wanted a couple books and some candles and I wanted to check and see if the scarf that I'm in love with went on sale yet. (It wasn't ☹️). From Chapters we went To Chatters in South Common. At Chatters, I found the shampoo and conditioner that the hairdresser recommended for me for $65 for 1 litre of each. It's pretty expensive, so I really hope that it works. We also found some spray-in hair dyes, pastel colours, that wash out right away. I bought the light pink and she bought the blue and green. We found another brand and the colours were brighter and she bought a few of those as well. I'm excited to use them. When we got to the till, we saw that thee was a deal that if you spend over $60 you can get some, usually expensive, dry shampoo for only $4. So we each bought that. My daughter also bought a sea salt spray that she was looking for. I got some funky, cute twisty hair elastics too. My daughter ended up getting my pink dye, because they told us that it was buy two get one free. So, since she was buying two, why not get mine for free?? It just made sense!! I can't wait to try them!! Now I know where I'm buying teal hair dye this year for TN Awareness day in October. This time it won't have to stay in for months, it washes out after one wear…much better!!

After Chatters, we drove through a Starbucks drive thru, then drove back to Beaumont. I had to stop at the Rexall to pick up my prescriptions, so that I can pack them. Not helpful with one of them. They were out and gave me 3 pills out of 90 and "owe me 87!!!" Helpful??…not so much! When we got home we checked the laundry that we had going while we were gone. Then we had supper.

After supper, while my oldest was helping my son assemble his Tech Decks. The kit comes with 6 boards, but only enough pieces to assemble three at a time. There are different coloured wheels that you can use and it's kind of neat, but the screws and little gold bolts you need for the wheels are itty-bitty. Remember Polly Pockets?? Hoe tiny they were?? Well this came with a tiny tool to use to put them together, but you have to have small or very non-shaking hands!! Which is why my daughter did it. I was getting stuff together for packing. I went into the pantry (big cupboard in our house) to get a ziplock bag, to put my sunblock and bug spray into and I pulled out the bag and it had three larvae type worms crawling in it! My hubby said they looked like maggots!! Eew!! This was inside a brand new sealed ziplock bag!!! So I took the box out and proceeded to find about 10 more worms and the crusts they left behind…gag!! I cleaned out the box and trashed whatever bags were infested. Then I called my hubby and told him that we had new evening plans… exciting ones too!! "We now get the great honour of cleaning out the worm-infested pantry!!!" "Yay us!!" GROSS!! And, well, I'm very sorry to say that it only got worse and worse. I had a bag of breadcrumbs on the same shelf in a clear bag – worm-infested, I through out the cornstarch, flour, brown sugar, etc. and onions, when we pulled out the last few baking things, we saw that there were also black beetle type bugs crawling all over the shelf with the worms. I think that they must start as one and end up as the other. It was beyond nasty!! So we cleaned that shelf. We had a cake-pop maker in there…it was sitting in a tin and the time lid was upside down – it was filled with both types of the bugs!! I dumped it outside, then threw it out. When I came in and looked at the cake pop maker…well, it was infested with these little worms. There were piles of them all over it. In every crescent, corner anywhere they could fit – they were there. It was beyond disgusting!! We threw the whole thing out! I'd rather buy a new one – that's how bad it was. I think it was "ground zero!!" When that shelf was emptied we moved up one shelf and found a few more in the pots and things, threw out some food-stuffs, but mostly was pans and stuff. We threw everything from that shelf directly into the dishwasher !! The next shelf was the cereal, crackers, rice, pasta, etc. This is where someone was watching out for us, we went through everything!!! We took it all out. Tossed anything expired, etc. Then carefully went through it all. We didn't find one bug on this shelf!! Yay!! There is aGod!! Thank you God for protecting our food!! I really appreciate it!! I'm so grateful!! No bugs!! Yay!! Then, the very bottom – the one we were avoiding. You know, gravity. The bugs can get down easily!! We pulled the stuff out, a big roasting pan, rice cooker, huge bin filled with Tupperware (fake Tupperware) etc. The floor was crawling with bugs‼️It was so so bad‼️ There were worms and the crawlers everywhere! My hubby vacuumed them all up while I threw out all of our plastic containers! We're just going to buy new ones at Costco!! We wiped everything down with Lysol disinfectant wipes before we reshelved things. All of this took some time. My idea to pack was taken away very quickly!! This was an event!! On the positive side of things, the pantry hadn't looked this clean and organized in ages!! It's crazy clean!!

I still have the heeby-jeebies!! Yuck!! I can't imagine if we didn't discover the bugs before we left for BC!! Yuck! Thank goodness I needed that ziplock bag!! When we finally finished the bug pantry, I did some laundry. Then I asked my daughter what I had to do to back up my phone and to put the pictures onto the computer to create space on my phone. We spent forever going through and deleting photos that don't need to be kept or transferred to the computer. I obviously had many, because I cleared up 9.8 gigs and I'm not done yet. It got too late and we had to go to bed!! Which is what I'm going to do right now. Hopefully with anything in my head, other than those damn bugs!! Yuck! Night All! 💤😴

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organizationu (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.”"Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!"  

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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