Cut That Hair!!!

Well, the program just booted me out so it could do another update!! Hopefully it fixed whatever is glitchy for my dad, when he receives my posts. I can't see any obvious changes. I guess I'll see if anything comes up as I write this or when I publish and share to Facebook.

Today I decided my son should get a haircut before we go to BC, as it's getting rather long. So I called the cheap, or affordable place in town, First Choice Haircutters. They're even open on Monday's. They had an opening, so we went in at 1:00 for our appointment. While she was cutting his hair, my daughter decided that she could use a haircut too. So we asked the lady if she was free after he was done and she said yes. Then I decided I should get mine done as well, it desperately needed it!! (Which you may remember from a previous post!!) So, my daughter got hers cut. Then I asked her to please wash mine first, so she washed and cut mine. I kept it basically the same! I have a couple of long layers and I decided I wanted bangs again, do she gave me side-bangs. I like it!! I told her about how much hair falls out when you wash it and, indeed, she saw for herself. She agreed that it was a lot. She recommended a shampoo and conditioner called Nioxin. It helps stop hair from falling out and works to make it thicker. She said you can buy it at Chatters. So I'm going to check it out on Thursday. There's a Chatters near my Mom and Dad's and I'm heading to their place on Thursday anyway. So, I'll go then. In the meantime, my hair definitely looks better. I showered with a shower cap on tonight, since she washed my hair, I just did my body!!

After the haircuts, we went to Sobeys for groceries and to pick up stuff for supper. When we got home, I did another load of laundry, then we watched Big Brother and my period came!! Yay! I didn't want to worry about my period while at my mom and dad's with their septic tank, so I was hoping it would start today – although cramps suck while I'm trying to get so much done!! I now have three days to do my son's laundry and to get him and I packed!! After Big Brother, my hubby and and I made supper, I prepped and he BBQ'ed. We had steak with baby potatoes and carrots. Mmmmm…

After supper, I had my quick, shower-cap shower. Then I folded my laundry while watching more Big Brother. As I folded I took out what I was packing for the trip, so I can add it to my suitcase. I can't believe how soon I leave!! I also can't believe how much clothes, especially pj's that I own!! Having ALL of my clothes clean is rare and, now that they are, I do not have the space to put them away!! Crazy right!!? But true! I have to purge more. I still haven't gone through my dresser or closet, just the piles that I had! I don't think I'm going to have the time to get to it before I leave. But, hopefully I can get it done once we get back. This overflow of stuff gets really, very annoying!! I just really don't think it's realistic to expect to get through it all by Thursday evening. Not realistic at all! Maybe if I get packed and have some spare time, but I'm super doubtful!! But, I got all of the clean stuff folded and I know what I want to pack tomorrow and/or Wednesday.

Thursday I made an appointment for my oldest daughter and I to go get pedicures!! I was organizing my purses and I found a gift card, that I swear I used, for a pedicure at Spasation. It's from my parents and I think it's from my last birthday, even though I swear that I used it last spring…but it is still stuck on the cardboard backing and looks unused!! I guess we'll find out when we're there on Thursday. And afterwards I'm going to go to mom and dad's, as well as Chatters. My daughter needs to be picked up from camp on Thursday. It was supposed to be in the evening, but she texted to say that they're moving it to a different time, likely in the morning!! My hubby will probably go get her, depending on the time and how packed I am!! I can't wait for the pedicures!! It's my daughter's first time getting a pedicure. I'm excited!! She's paying for hers and I'm, hopefully, gift carding it…hopefully. That'll be interesting to find out if it's used or not!!

I'm going to head to bed now, I'm tired and crampy! Night All! 💤😴

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organizationu (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.”"Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!"  

2 thoughts on “Cut That Hair!!!

  1. Hi! I saw your headline about hair cutting and wondered if it was G’s long hair. Reinhardt told him the other day he needs a haircut, but G and I agreed we like it long or short.

    Willem uses Nioxin – and my mum. Its a very good shampoo & conditioner.

    Have a good night 🌟


    1. We did cut his hair, but I like his hair long too. So, we kept the same long style and just cleaned it up a bit and got it out of his eyes.
      Thanx for taking him with you the other day!! He really had a great time!! We’re heading to BC soon, but they should get together again once we’re back!!
      Have a great night!!XOX


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