Beauty And The Beast

We had a typical day again today – same old same old!! Much of the same, other than a blood test I needed for my dr. Just routine tests. This evening we had a girls night. My daughter’s and I went to Beauty And The Beast. It was SO good!! Even though you know the story, it doesn’t matter. It is just really good. The songs are great and the humour and, just everything, is good!! There are a few songs that aren’t in the Disney movie, but for the most part it follows the same story line. There’s a bit more background included, both Belle’s childhood, as well as the Beast’s. The animation was pretty cool – all of the characters in the castle were so detailed and life-like. They were so cool. Also, the beast is just great. They made him look real. I’m so glad we went! Afterwards, we went to Ardene’s and the book store. Then we came home and had a late supper. All in all I had a good day. Now I’m going to head to bed. Night all 💤😴

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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