Chicken Soup

Didn’t do that much today… 

I Read some of my book,
And I Made homemade soup.

It was fairly easy to cook.

Taking out the bones,

Is the worst part!

Other than that,

It’s remembering to start!

If it’s not on early enough,

It won’t be ready on time.

Then we’d eat too late.

I can’t think of a rhyme! 

The soup was ready on time! 

It tasted really good.

All three of the kids ate it,

Just like you’d think they would!

But I have really picky kids,

Who are sometimes hard to feed.

But at least most of them like books, 

It’s so important for kids to read!

I’m talking about anything now,

Rambling on and on.

It’s easy to rhyme about whatever,

But I’ll stop before I go on too long.


To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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