Sharry 18

They both immediately stopped talking and looked over at her. They spoke at the same time, Jake said, “yes,” while Michael said, “well, sort-of.” Sharry stood up, so fast that she felt a bit dizzy, they both ran to her side as they saw her swaying. “What does, ‘sort-of’ mean Michael? How do you sort-of find a person?”Sharry asked. Both of them lead her back to the couch where they made her sit down and have a glass of water. “Well, I had my water, I’m sitting down like a good girl, so” Sharry said, “let me have it! Tell me what’s going on!” 

Just then Michael’s phone rang. “Matt? Hi! So, any news? Did you narrow it down? Have you found her?” For about five minutes all they could do was wait while Michael made a lot of sounds like, “m’hmm” “okay””oh no” “and” “well” “not good” “well, shit” “yah” “mmm” and “hmm” “you’re serious!” “How did we not see that ahead of time?”  ” really” “yes! I’m shocked. And saddened…” “soon” “that’s great at least” “good work man!” . Finally he hung up, he looked grim, but hopeful. “Well, what do you want first? The good news or the bad news?” “As long as the good news is about my mom, that’s what I want to hear first,” Sharry replied. “”Okay,” Michael said, “the good news is about your mom! They found the warehouse that she was being held in and she appears to be unharmed. Eziechial got her though. She almost escaped on her own, had just gotten herself untied. He wouldn’t have had a chance to grab her if she hadn’t been so resourceful?! ” “Oh thank God! Maybe this praying thing really does work!?” Sharry sighed in relief. “Well, yes it’s good news, but the difficulty was getting to her.”Michael said. Sharry said, “you just sent a huge group of your toughest angels to storm Lucifer and free my mom!! Thank you so much Michael. So so much! I’ll never forget this.” She stood up and hugged him and held him, crying with relief. He held her back. They were both a little too comfortable…

Jacob loudly cleared his throat, not liking what he was seeing and said, “Don’t forget about the bad news,” Jake was happy to see Sharry sit back down. It killed him seeing Michael hold her like that. “If he does it to me again,” he said in his head, “I’ll never forgive him!” Out loud he said, “what is it Michael? I can tell by that grim expression that it isn’t good!” Michael sighed,”Lucifer has a bunch of Angels, our brothers and sisters working with him. Many of whom we thought were on our side. Eziechial and Mathew will let us kno who and how bad, and we’ll compile a list of those he saw, but it’s bad Jacob, he sounded shell-shocked, said that they hardly made it out. It was a massacre…Matt said it was an ambush and many turned on them right then and there. I guess Lucifer freaked out because, he had assumed that we’d be there and so the good thing is, we can figure out who’s left on our side and come up with plan. His secret ambush backfired. Let’s hope it was his biggest secret. He’ll stop at nothing to win this war!” “We also better find out who’s loyal to whom soon and change the security details around here, we won’t be letting in anymore traitors!!” Jacob said. “Yes. Your right,” Michael said, “I’m going to send a message right now to Gabriel at the gates, that no Angels get in until Mathew and Ziech and the rest return with that list. I don’t care who we offend. We’re not letting anyone get that close to Sharry and any of the other Nephilim again!” He immediately began typing into his phone. “Well, that went horribly wrong. What was meant as a fact finding, quiet scoping out of Lucifer’s digs, turned into an ambush. Obviously whomever those double agents were, they told Lucifer ahead of time that we were coming.”Michael said. “The thing I don’t get is we just came up with these plans? They were executed immediately after we found Sharry’s mom? I wonder…”Jake suddenly stopped talking, put his finger to his lips signaling for them to be quiet. He took out his phone, cranked out some really horribly loud music. While the music was screeching, he whispered to them both,”I think we’ve been bugged. Likely by one of those traitor Angels! Let’s check out all of the obvious places, the lights, vents, phones, paintings, etcetera. Once Matt’s back we can have him use the scanner for any we may miss.”

Sharry watched them searching and finding bugs all throughout Michael’s office. They found five and who knew if they had gotten them all?? “I’ll definitely have Eziechial and Mathew use the scanner for a full check once they’re back,” Michael said under the music. “Maybe we can use this to our advantage in some way,”Jake said. Just then there was a knock on the door, Matthew and Eziechial came into the room looking like they’d just returned from a war. Matthew was about to talk, but Michael gestured to be quiet then whispered something to him. Mathew left the room and returned moments later with an electronic device in his hand he turned it on and searched the entire office, finding 3 more bugs in Michael’s office and 11 throughout the lodge building. 

Finally, an hour after they had returned, after locating all of the bugs and healing their own cuts and bruises, as well as their more seriously wounded.  (Sharry wondered if that was something that she could learn how to do…it was so cool! Imagine never having another bruise, wound or broken bone that couldn’t be fixed!!) Michael called everyone into his office, so that Mathew and Eziechial could tell them, what had happened. Sharry couldn’t understand how so many Angels could decide to defect from God and their legions to side with Lucifer. It looked like they had lost over 15 Angels. No wonder it had felt like a massacre to Mathew and Eziechial, they went in with 30 Angels to check out the area fully, find out where Sharry’s mom was being held, see how many guards Lucifer had, etc and if and only if they could do it with 100% assurance that no one would get hurt, rescue Sharry’s mom.  Well, the massacre kind of shifted the “nobody getting hurt” thing! They came back with only 10 of them remaining, which was awful, but for Sharry, her mom was with them and that was all that mattered!! During the chaos, when the bad Angels defected and turned on their brothers and sisters, Eziechial found Sharry’s mom sneaking out on her own. She had managed to untie the ropes that bound her tightly to the chair, when the guards became distracted by the fighting, she thought it was the perfect time to sneak off! She had originally lost it and freaked out when Eziechial had approached her, which almost got them both caught, until he explained to her that they were working with Jake and Sharry and that he would take her to them right away!! Suddenly someone from the back was pushing past the Angels, fighting hard to get to the front of the group. They headed, “where is she?” Then Sharry’s mom burst through to the front of the group. 

“Mom!! Finally!!!” Sharry was so so happy! They ran into each other’s arms and squealed and shrieked and were overjoyed to be reunited. “Why didn’t you bring her in to see me right away?!” Sharry yelled at them. “We needed to make certain that we had all of the bugs removed, so Lucifer doesn’t know that our shifter isn’t your mom!” Michael said. “Make sure Lucifer doesn’t know our who isn’t your what??” Sharry and her mom said in unison, making them both giggle. Jake smiles, “we have some Angels who are able to look like other people, take their shape and form, mimic the person perfectly! We call them shifters.” “Huh. Strange! But why do you want Lucifer to think that he still has mom?” Sharry asked. “Well, there are many reasons. The biggest being, he’s not chasing after you like a mad man when he believes that he still has your mom as bait.”

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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