Sharry 2

Suddenly Sharry was all alone. She looked all around her, trying to figure out, why? “What happened?” “Where the hell did everyone go??!” She yelled. “Where’s my desk?” She said. She turned her head and instead of her drawing wall, she saw trees. “Where’s the …what the hell!” “How am I in a friggen forest??” She looked around, wondering where she was? 

Suddenly everything  went fuzzy, just like it did the first time she had shifted, she’d started out in one place, her office at work, and had ended up in a completely different place, this weird forest. Then it shifted again and it was instantly  dark! She shook her head and looked around again. She saw trees, trees and more trees. “What the…??”  “Where in the world am I!” She wondered out loud. “Hello,”she yelled out. “Hello? Is anyone there?” “What is going on,”she thought to herself. “I don’t get it! How did I go from my office to a forest??” She rubbed her bare arms and shivered, it was cold, really cold. “This can’t be real,” she said, “I can’t be here, I’m imagining things, or maybe hallucinating.” “I did have a scratchy throat this morning, maybe I’m just sicker than I thought?!” “Yep! Hallucinating, that’s gotta be it!” “Otherwise…what? I magically transported here. Wherever here is.”

 Just then she heard a rustling in the bush and then, “snap”, she heard a branch break. Someone or something was out there, she was not alone in this forest. It was probably watching her right now. “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!”She whispered frantically. “H -h- hello?” She whispered. “Is anyone there?” She slowly backed farther away from where she had heard the sound, trying to decide if she should just turn and take a run for it.  However, something made her stay in place. There was a rustling again, this time much closer to her, she turned her head slowly, ready to scream, but all she saw were bushes. She leaned in closer and suddenly… a rabbit hopped out from the bushes beside her! Sharry had never jumped as high or screamed as loud as she did in that moment! Her heart was racing, the adrenaline pumping through her, her autonomic nervous system working in overdrive.

Laughing at herself, for being scared of a harmless little rabbit, she was still no closer to figuring out where she was and how she got there. Then, something tapped her on her shoulder. Her entire body tensed, as she screamed and whipped her head around. There stood a man with jet black hair, eyes practically as black. He was built with sheer muscle. He was probably the most handsome man she’d ever met, well a close second, maybe even a tie for first…no! Jake’s first. Always Jake. My love. My guardian. Sharry looked at this dark man before her. Invariably taking a slow step backwards. She knew that someone like him could break her like a twig, but, wow, look at those intense, beautiful eyes. She cleared her throat. “Um…Excuse me,”she said, slowly trying to back away from him, hoping she could just try to walk or even run away. Then he spoke to her,”Sharry, Sharry, Sharry. Tsk. Tsk.” He said in this horrificly creepy sing-songy voice.  “Playing alone in the woods is dangerous my dear.” He said in that same, horrific voice. He grabbed her by the arms and leaned into her. “Haven’t you been watching the news?? There are monsters roaming these woods.” His laughter made such a horrific screeching sound, so loud and piercing that Sharie felt the noise all the way to her bones. It was so overpowering and terrifyingly inhuman. She tried to put her hands over her ears, but he wouldn’t let go of her arms. He laughed at the agony it was clearly causing her. She suddenly felt something pop in her ear and felt the blood trickling out of it. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Sharry dear” it said sardonically, obviously, sickly amused by the situation. “Am I hurting you?” He leaned in close, his ferocious mouth practically touching her bleeding ear and said, “I wouldn’t want to ruin my dinner.” It laughed again, but quickly stopped and said, “oops! I forgot what my laughter does to you.””Let me go you piece of shit!” Yelled Sharie, struggling and wiggling and trying to get her arms out of his grip. “Let you go!” It remarked snidely, squeezing her arms even tighter. “And why would I do that?”It said. He exhaled, bent down to her belly button and took a long, filthy sniff all the way up her body, ending at her bleeding ear. He groaned and his whole body shivered. He whipped his head up to look Sharie in the eye. “Let go of me!” Sharie sobbed, but he just slowly tilted his head and looked her over. “No!”She said. “What do you want with me??!” He pulled her to him, so close that their bodies could have moulded into one. He gazed into her eyes, “”All that blood,”he thought, “how can I maintain control?” Just the smell of her blood made him weak, “I can not resist her,”he thought. Then, instinctively, he began licking her ear and face, lapping up all of the blood that had come from her ear. His body was pressed against hers. She could feel his warm breath panting in her ear. She fought against the involuntary, aroused reactions of her body. “Eww!!” She said. “That’s disgusting!!” “Let me go!!”she said as she struggled against his embrace. “Get away from me!!” 

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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