Living In Spirit

I love the Wayne Dyer book that I’m currently reading called, ” Living An Inspired Life. Your Ultimate Calling.” This paragraph in particular really resonates with me, likely because I love reading information about the law of attraction, as well as the idea of living your life “in spirit.”  He states:

“If we can remember that we’re responsible for what we’re attracting, we can then eliminate the negative energy we wallow in. If what we desire is to be inspired and feel joy, but the opposite keeps showing up, rather than cursing fate, we can view ourselves as simply being out of creative vibrational alignment.  We can shift our vibrations, in the form of thoughts, to those that are more harmonious with our desires, and we can then begin to take the small steps necessary for our inspiration to be sensed. Source energy will cooperate with us when we seek it energetically-moreover, we can begin to reasses our lives for misaligned attractions and imagined bad luck…

When we feel peaceful within, we begin to attract more of the peace we desire because we’re functioning from a spiritual place of peace. When we engage Spirit, we regain the power of our ultimate Source.”

To deep? Confusing? Heavy??  I just love it!!  (I added the italics to some of those statements to emphasize the fact that WE have control over our own lives.) It is through our thoughts, beliefs and actions that we can consciously choose how we want to live our lives. Do you want to always play the blame game, where it’s never your fault? Do you want to feel down, depressed, angry or out of sorts? Or do you want to choose to live your life with passion, purpose and meaning? Do you want to know you’re true calling? Do you want to live in spirit;  that higher vibrational shift within that keeps us in spirit?  The beautiful thing is, the choice is yours. You can continue moving along, day by day, doing all of your mundane tasks that need to get done. Slumping around feeling frustrated and sensing something’s missing in your life. Most of us know on some level that there should be more to life. Something purposeful. There’s that yearning in the pit of your stomach for something more. You can’t quite figure out what, but you know there should be more to life than just working, slumping in front of the tv, going to bed, waking up the next day and doing it all over again. Life should be about passion and joy. Peace and faith. Service and devotion.  Love.

This is what I’m going to do. You should try to as well. Start to pay conscious attention to your thoughts. If you find yourself spewing out the negativity. Go ahead and correct yourself. Out loud if you can. Replace those negative thoughts, which slow down your vibrations, with something positive. If you’re not sure what to say just say what Wayne Dyer writes, “I want to feel good, so I’ll allow my natural connection to well-being to take over right now.” I know I have a crap load of negative thoughts, self-criticism, anxiety, and much more. I need to stop focussing on the negative and re-focus on more positive, joy-filled things. 

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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