Frustrated Venting…

I’m so angry right now! I just had a full page written and this stupid program managed to delete it all somehow. It’s just gone! I don’t know why or where. I do know it makes me super frustrated!!

Here’s the gist:

My son starts grade one tomorrow! I can’t even believe it! How can that be possible – he’s supposed to be my baby!  Time just flies…

My daughter starts grade nine tomorrow. She’s trying not to puke, as I write this! Last year she started to have a bit of anxiety. She ended up missing too much school. There would be nights when she was in tears begging me not to make her go to school. It was awful! Then, closer to the end of the year her close friends started to make mean comments to her and they’d leave her out of things or just “forget” to phone her. She was pretty upset about it. After all, she’s been close friends with these girls since playschool and it wasn’t how they normally behaved. To top it all off, there was this one teacher in her school who tended to be hard on her, single her out for things or just be nasty to her. If I would write a note to explain why she missed a class or something, he would make really loud wise-cracks like, “still too young to fight your own battles eh?!” He just made her super uncomfortable with the same loud “jokes” and comments. And he’d do mean things like put all three of her close friends together for a group project and intentionally exclude her and put her with a couple of the boys. He was loud and obnoxious about his opinion with regard to her missing school for dance competitions. However, he took the whole class to the arena during class time to watch hockey, if the boys in her class were gone for a tournament. Talk about your double standards!! She was so done with her school! We thought we’d be okay, because in our town there are some grade nines in the high school and some at her current school. The school that your child attends is decided by your address in town. We thought we’d be fine since last year our neightbour’s daughter was allowed to go to the high school. But apparently, no. She’s not allowed because of our place of residence. (Who knows why they let the neighbor!?) So, the principle kindly sets up a meeting with us to talk with my daughter and I to  talk about the difficulties she was concerned about, her anxiety, etc. That’s pretty much all that I can say, because our conversation was,”confidential.” In the end, they said she’d be in a class with one of her three best friends and another girl who is super sweet.  She’s just one of those kids who’s kind and nice to everyone!  So my daughter left the meeting feeling better about attending the school and figured she could get through one last year there. Then this afternoon the principle calls me to tell me (this is after the meet the teacher night has already occurred and the girls were so excited about being together.) that she had to make a change and Kaysi is no longer in a class with any of her friends!!!!!! She feels like puking right now because she is scared to go to school tomorrow. Now she will miss moments and new memories with her friends and she will be left out because she won’t even be there!! Apparently “it’s out of her hands, but they’ll do anything to help her with her anxiety.” I told the principle that it will just serve to drift them further apart and the girls will automatically be keeping her out of things. Just because they won’t be together a lot…(My daughter would murder me if she knew that I was writing about this, but I’m sorry because it’s all that on my mind. I’m just so angry! Stupid f…ing dumb lady! Huh…I’m really vibrating with fury!!) What was the point in meeting with us and changing things around if she wasn’t going to follow through.  To say the least, I’m quite frustrated by the whole thing!!!And now I’m exhausted and I can’t even keep my eyes open and I have an early morning tomorrow. So I’d better stop my frustrated venting and get to bed. Goodnight all💤💤💤💤💤l

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

2 thoughts on “Frustrated Venting…

  1. OMG that’s awful!! Anyway you can go over the principal and talk to someone else in the district? Why do the whole meeting if you’re just going to move her anyways??? I’d keep pestering them, it’s only the first day. There’s always hope.


    1. It’s super awful. The school board people say that it has nothing to do with them. That it’s up to the school administrator, who is the lovely principal we met with. Soooo frustrating!! She keeps telling me that it’s out of her hands and unforeseen circumstances made her have to change it. I’m so mad.


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