Another Night Of Dance And Soccer!

I got my son ready for swimming lessons and school and then dropped him off. Then I came home and did my regular morning stuff. Afterwards I did some laundry again. I got some towels into the wash and folded the sheets that I washed yesterday and then put them away. Then I folded and put away some sweaters that I also washed. Afterwards, I went through some more clothes. I laid down for about an hour. Then I got up and put the towels in the dryer. Then I picked up my daughter from school. My son wanted to walk home again today. My daughter and I went out back and watered her bee flowers 🐝. Then I got dressed and went to Sobeys and got a couple groceries that we needed, buns for supper tonight and ham for sandwiches for lunches. Then I came home and started supper. My son had soccer and my daughter had her second extra ballet rehearsal for her exam on Saturday. They were almost at the exact same time. My son’s soccer was from 6:15-7:20 and my daughter’s ballet was from 6:30-7:30! I finished my part of the supper and my hubby BBQ’d the meat and we ate just in time, fairly rushed actually, we all left in a hurry at the same time! I dropped off my daughter and went and got a drink, then just waited outside the studio. My son called me when his game was finished to let me know that they won again!! They certainly have improved since the beginning of the season, although it also depends on who they’re playing against! Some of the kids that they have played seem to be a good foot taller than them and seem to have been playing for years! While other teams appear to be pretty equally matched, still others seem to be younger than them and don’t know what they’re doing and make our boys look like the pros out there!! So, I guess that it’s kind of a crap shoot!! The final tournament should be interesting… After my daughter’s dance, we drove back to town, but instead of coming home, I dropped her off at her friend’s house. They were driving back to the city to meet Danette to sign their camp forms for work this summer. They’re both working at camp Wohelo together again!! My daughter is feeling super nervous, because she took social 30 this semester and tomorrow is the written portion of her final exam. There are 2 parts, a source analysis and an essay. They can take up to 6 hours to write it. She doesn’t think that she will actually need the full 6 hour time frame (which is a little outrageous!!) but she’s afraid that her brain will be fried having to write both a source analysis and an essay. She’s freaking out a bit!! Hopefully she gets a good night’s sleep tonight!! After I dropped her off at her friend’s house, I came home. I checked the laundry that I had in. Then I sat in the living room where my son was on the play station and my daughter was watching YouTube. I watched the end of her video with her and we watched another one. Then I got my son ready for bed. Now I’m going to get myself ready for bed as well.

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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