Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!

It’s my son’s 9Th Birthday today!! We left 15 minutes earlier for school this morning and went to Sobeys. We bought some mini- cupcakes for him to bring to his class to hand out to everyone, for his birthday! Strangely, the vanilla ones were “School safe” and were but- freed etc, but the chocolate ones weren’t!! I don’t understand why Sobeys would have only one flavour safe for schools…very very strange! My son wanted to bring a package of each anyway and they accepted both kinds!! Once we had cupcakes picked out, I dropped him off and went to Shoppers I was planning on buying a card and some wrapping paper. The selection on children’s cards was not very good at all! I was shocked! I ended up buying wrapping paper and driving to Rexall. They had completely different cards and I was able to pick up one for him. I went home and had breakfast and made tea. I was wrapping his presents when my daughter came downstairs to get something to eat. I let her stay home to work on her major english project that is due tomorrow. Her teacher is calling it the “starship” of projects, because of how big & important is. She went in for math, which she really doesn’t want to get behind in. My oldest daughter and I went to Sobeys after dropping off my daughter off at school and bought a cake for my son. Then she went to the Walmart. I came back home. I had a couple texts and I texted people back. I was exhausted, because I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t have time for a nap. I closed my eyes for about 30 minutes then I went to the Bathroom. At about 1:30 I drove to the school and picked up my daughter. We came home and my oldest was just coming back from getting her a gifts at the Walmart. (Well shoot!!! I just woke up…I fell fast asleep writing this post! I’m feeling so so bloody tired! At least I woke up and for once when I fell asleep, I didn’t accidentally delete everything!! lol) So, I started wrapping her gifts while she went to the Dollarama & bought balloons, streamers, & a happy Birthday sign. She’s came home and we decorated the main floor of the house. My hubby came home while we were doing this. He went & got my son. My son really liked the decorations. We let him open his gifts right away. He was excited about getting to see his presents! Like all kids are!! My hubby’s friend gave us his old phone and I bought a new case, a screen protector, ear buds, a cord, and a base; all to go with it. He’s going to use it as an iPod touch, not a phone!! He’s only 9 for Pete’s sake!! He was still super happy and excited!! We factory reset it, so my daughter went through set-up with him. It has 32 gigs, which he is super excited about!! I had to warm up yesterday’s super 😂😂 After we ate we had to go to his first soccer game!! They didn’t win, but had fun playing, considering that they haven’t had a practice yet…we went back home and then had cake at him afterwards?!! Then he played with his stuff!! Great day had by all!!

Too tired for any more tonight…

Here’s my little man…the first was when they handed out the soccer uniforms and my hubby took it and the second was when the photographer was taking the photo and my hubby zoomed in & took one. I was at my daughter’s dance competition during both…

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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