Great Canadian Dance Challenge Day 4

This morning I woke up at about 8:00am. I didn’t need to shower, because I had a shower before bed last night. So, I just had to get ready to go back to Fort Saskatchewan for the dance competition. My daughter got up earlier than I did, because she has more to do then I do. We left at about 9:15. I got us an unhealthy breakfast at McDonald’s on the way there. My tummy really didn’t enjoy that at all!! I meant to eat prior to leaving, but took my sweet time getting ready this morning and ran out of time…however the McDonald’s was a mistake for my stomach!! When we got there, she headed back to the dressing rooms and then rehearsal hall. I had a while to wait. However, I went into the theatre and watched tap with one of the moms that I really like. It’s the one style of dance that my daughter doesn’t take. It was the class with all of her friends, the one that she would be in if she did take tap. They did really well!! After tap, there was only one category to wait for and then it was their senior 1 lyrical dance. This dance is beautiful this year and so creative!! They have a huge ramp that they have to run up and slide down and hang off of. It’s very clever choreography and worked out perfectly!! It was wonderful to watch!! They did really well! They received high gold and Miss Amanda received another choreographer’s award!! She has received quite a lot at this competition!! After this dance, there was a break for a couple hours before her last dance of the competition. I was texting my mom and we decided to buy the video on USB of my daughter’s solo. So I bought it during this break. One of the guys at the studio had his modern solo during this break and he is an incredible dancer, just a joy to watch. He dances with such abandon and he’s just so very talented. So I went into the theatre to watch him when he was performing. Then, finally, I went in when they were on. It was a ballet category, they were the only pointe group in the category. I thought that they danced beautifully. They did have the more difficult adjudicator. She judged the entire category hard!! She gave every single dance in the category a high silver!! In all of the competitions that I have been to, I have never seen that happen before!! So, we received a high silver! When I spoke with my daughter afterwards, she said that her teacher, Miss Alexis, said that they did great and that she was proud of them. So, it wasn’t just me from a mom’s perspective thinking that they were great and that the judge was out to lunch…I overheard other parents talking, about their groups in the same category and thinking, is that adjudicator crazy?! Is she watching the same dances as we are?! I agree. Not just our dance deserved higher than what they were awarded, others in the category did as well. Competitions have very strict rules and parents are absolutely prohibited from talking to the adjudicators about anything!! Certainly you cannot complain to them!!! You could have your entire studio disqualified from the entire competition!! So, you just have to take whatever the adjudicator says and nod and smile and walk away!! I don’t even really like to complain out loud to other parents. You have to be very careful what you say, you don’t know who’s around you at any given time… I mean we have whispered quietly amongst ourselves, like Friday night after the senior 3 lyrical dance. However, even my daughter and I don’t usually talk about things until we’ve gotten into our van and no one is around to hear us. You don’t want to get your studio into trouble…I do know that I overheard people from pretty much every studio at this weekends competition complaining about that second adjudicator!! So, I think there was a pretty mutual opinion regarding her…Even talking about it on here. I wouldn’t do so if tons of people read this and I was super popular!! However, only my close friends and family read this and maybe 1 or 2 dance people, if even that. Otherwise I’d zip it!! Definitely no one from the competition or who runs the competition even knows that I exist…lol

Anyway, once her pointe was finished, we got something to eat and then drove back home. My tummy was feeling super nauseous and I was exhausted!! So I decided to have a bit of a rest. My hubby was playing a game on the computer and my oldest daughter and son were playing Sims on the Play Station. They hardly even noticed that we got home…I went upstairs to my bedroom and changed into my pjs. Then I got into my bed. I didn’t expect to actually fall asleep, but I did!! I woke up when my hubby came in to see if I had any ideas for supper. I didn’t even feel like eating supper, let alone have any ideas of what to cook for supper!! My oldest daughter is still in quite a bit of pain, her infection is gone though, which is good!! So, my hubby ended up just making something quick for himself and my son and younger daughter. I fell back asleep. After eating my younger daughter went to her friend’s house. I was half awake in bed and my son and daughter continued playing Sims. My hubby came upstairs and fell asleep at around 9:00, since he has to get up early for work tomorrow morning. It’s spring break this week. So my daughter brought my son upstairs a bit later then normally. I went downstairs and let the dogs out out and in and filled up water bottles. I got my son into bed. Then I went on my phone for a while. It’s really a lot later then I wanted to be awake at. So I’m going to get ready for bed now!

Night All! 💤😴

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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