An Infected Face AND Shitty Yellow Ice

This morning my son actually stayed awake and played his game for about a half an hour before he got up and started getting ready for school. After I dropped him off, I came home and some breakfast. I was feeling extremely exhausted and nauseous and had another migraine.

My daughter had a really rough night. She was up a couple times in the night, feeling sick from so much pain. Around 4:00am, just after my hubby’s alarm went off, she came back upstairs asking me where the carpet cleaning spray was, because she had thrown up over the side of her bed…great 😧 I helped her find all the stuff she needed, but she actually cleaned it up herself. Well, she did a clean up as well as you can at four in the morning when you feel like hell kind of clean up. I tried to go back to sleep, but I didn’t and was basically just awake until the alarm went off. I think that I got about an hour of sleep total…🤷‍♀️

I really wanted to just go to bed after eating my breakfast…but I’ve been trying to be a bit productive in the mornings at least! So I cleaned our super, nasty kitchen floor and I scrubbed all of our lower cabinets that used to be white (and are now white again!) Then I cleaned our dogs bowls, poor things were eating and drinking out of pretty darn disgusting dishes!! My bigger dog sheds a ridiculous amount and as she eats or drinks her fur will stick to the edge of the bowl. Well, let me tell you, the amount of fur that was along the inside couple of inches of those bowls had me literally gagging…so so nasty! Definitely should have been cleaned a lot sooner! Poor puppies ☹️ I also cleaned the area underneath the bowls, which gets equally gross🤢 (none of this is fun to do when you feel extremely nauseous…however, if I use that excuse for everything then I will just have to do nothing, because apparently I’m going to be nauseous forever🤮!) The next and final disgusting thing that I decided to do was to deal with the dog shit on the back step. Our small dog has a big problem that drives me crazy! When we let her out to do her business, she doesn’t go down into the yard, like any normal, reasonable, average dog – including our bigger dog. Nope!! She will do whatever it is that she needs to do right there on the back step!!! So gross!! I mean grass is soft for her little butt, well, snow in the winter I guess. I mean I understand that she’s tiny and the snow gets pretty deep, but half the time she is so darn little that she doesn’t even fall through it. Hmmm…Even if you toss her little ass into the yard she will still come back and do “thang” on the “bleeping” back step (not literally “toss”, I am not abusing my dog, please don’t freak out and send the animal rights people my way… I love the little shit, but she makes me crazy!!) So, needles to say, it’s annoying and, well, obviously, it’s nasty!! We have two leashes for them, that ultimately get hopelessly tangled together, because we have a fairly big yard and we like to have a semi-controlled area where they do said business, a “shit-zone” if you will. It makes clean-up easier and you’re less likely to accidentally step in dog crap in the backyard…etc. Anyway, with the damn cold February weather and all of the snow that we had, our back step has become a literal bright yellow, 5.5 inch pile of shit and ice!!! Mmm yum. This is after the top layer melted a bit over the past couple of days, so now ALL you can see every time you let out the dogs is layers of shit (and it’s all you smell, mind you…🤮)!! AND go ahead and guess who almost always lets the dogs in and out, I mean, basically always does, not almost always, let’s be real. Yep, yours truly!! When I let them out this morning I was almost looking like that little green emoji I just used…And, as an aside, I know from past experience the mistake of leaving things too long and letting the current half frozen/melting shit/piss pile turn to mush. Oh…it gets worse…so so much worse!!! If I’m thinking that this current half frozen 5.5 inch layer of yuck makes me gag and that the nausea isn’t going away, I know how bad shit/piss-mush gets! Just writing about it is making me gag, so I’m moving away from that oh so appetizing topic now…yack!!! So, I very bravely ventured outside (with my hubby’s shoes on (lol – because he doesn’t care about what he steps in, really he doesn’t and I actually do!!) I put my game face on and picked up the shovel, brought my arm back as far as I could and swung it forward, head directly for the highest, grossest pile of shit I could find and wham! It was rock solid ice shit and piss!! It completely jarred me right to my core!! Nothing happened!! Nothing moved!! So, of course, I tried again!! And I tried a few more times and wondered how the hell it could possibly smell that reprehensible if it was bloody, completely frozen!! I pondered the situation for a time…Then I reckoned I had a brilliant idea! I went back inside, through and out the front door and grabbed the ice chipper!! I figured that it would be easy to chip through 5.5 inches of solid bright yellow ice, shit and piss! Well, turns out, it’s NOT!! It’s really, truly not!! And it really isn’t fun when the little yellow bits fly up in your face either or the brown bits or any friggen bits for that matter…Oh and did I mention how much I love my “bleeping” dog…😂😂 Sigh… So, needless to say, this wasn’t the favourite part of my day… Our back step, or maybe you call it a landing, not a back step, isn’t all that big, but I was out there with colourful, frozen bits flying for far too long…my arms were burning when I finally finished and there were a couple parts that remained that, no matter how hard I bashed them with the chipper, I couldn’t manage to break through…lucky me, I get to wait for the season of shit/piss mush my most favourite time of year (apart from Christmas of course…😂) But wait, the fun with dog shit and piss didn’t stop here, oh no!! I wasn’t that lucky!! It got even more fun when I decided that I should untangle their leashes without wearing gloves for some ridiculously, idiotic reason (like the 1 hour of sleep from last night obviously did a number on my brain), as these are the leashes that that lovely little shit, I mean my wonderful dog that I adore🐶, drags over and through and literally pees on and my bigger dog drags her leash over and through to get to the yard and back to the door every time she goes in or out. Also, the leashes were so very twisted together that they both had been all over that lovely, filthy back step every bloody time either of them “bleeping” moved!! So, I stupidly untangled the leashes with my barehands for a good 30 minutes. AND then, for my MOST stupid moment of the day, drumroll please…I thought I would see how bad they actually did smell, were they really that bad?? Yes… I actually smelled my hands after handling those horrid leashes for over 30 minutes straight…WHAT was I thinking?! Well, let me tell you, I shouldn’t have to answer that for you, because it really should’ve been “bleeping” OBVIOUS!!!! Hello!!! You were holding the piss and shit leashes for a half an hour!! Of course your hands smell like potty water you Moron!! Go scrub your “bleeping” hands with THE Hottest water you can stand and as much smells SO yummy you want to taste it Bath And Body Works Black Cherry Merlot foaming hand soap you Fool…now go – chop chop!!!

So, yah! That’s my fun morning and my not so bright moment…

Although I’d bet money I’m not the only one who’d smell their hands, afterwards!! However, I’m possibly the only one stupid enough to admit it doing so…😂😂

Guess what I did after that… I had a freakin’ shower that’s what!!! You didn’t forget about the multi-coloured, flying, bloody ice-chips did you?! Because I most definitely DID NOT!! How the frig could I?! My glasses were speckled, speckled I tell you!! Besides, at this point my stress levels were rather high and I needed to find my zen or do something to calm bloody down💆‍♀️, I was pretty grossed out by this point!! Of course when I came back inside my dogs were thrilled to see me, as dogs are when you come in the house, even if you’ve been gone for 5 minutes. Because they are amaze-balls and love you unconditionally and freak out every time you walk into the house or room. However, I was not feeling so affectionate at the time, after cleaning up that mess. That didn’t last long though…puppy love is hard to resist you know!

After my shower, I finally went back to bed for a while. Not for all that long though, because at about 1:35 I went to the high school and picked up my daughter from her spare. There is a bake sale at her school tomorrow for one of the student clubs she’s involved with, so she needed to get some things to bring to bake cupcakes with her friend after dance tonight and grabbed a few other groceries. We came home afterwards and put away the groceries. Then I went upstairs to try to actually sleep, since it had yet to happen and my head was pounding. However, my hubby came home and came upstairs and talked to me for a while. He left and then I only had a half an hour until I had to get dressed again and drive my daughter to dance. After I dropped her off I came home and picked up my oldest daughter and drove back to the city to my parent’s house. My daughter talked to my dad regarding a loan for her oral surgery. Then we drove back to Beaumont and straight to our dentist, because her one side of her face had doubled in size since I had last seen her the night before and I wasn’t going to ignore it. I told them that she was in major pain and they could clearly see the swelling. The dentist saw her immediately and her upper right side and inner cheek is infected. They gave her antibiotics and a few pain killers. When we got back into the van and I saw the small amount of pain killers that had been prescribed, I drove directly from the dentist to the walk-in medical clinic. We saw the dr there who took one look at her, also saw that it was infected and prescribed antibiotics, as well as enough pain killers to last her until the date of her oral surgery appointment!!! Thank goodness!👏🏼👏🏼 I am not trying to criticize, nor am I naming names. However, as a person who has endured years of chronic pain. My daughter’s pain was very apparent and I specially asked if they would control her pain until the surgery date and the Dentist said nothing to me and the dental assistant said, no, these definitely won’t last that long. Hopefully when the antibiotics kick in her pain will go away. I said that she was in pain even before this was infected. However, again, they said nothing. Again, as a chronic pain patient I have been treated like I am just looking for pain medication, like I want to get high. People don’t trust you. There is a huge stigma regarding this topic. However, 10 Tylenol 3’s are a complete joke!! That not enough medication for 2 whole days!! The dr said 6 pills/day; 2 pills every 4 hours. They told her that the antibiotics wouldn’t even help for the first 3 days. So, they didn’t even give her enough medication to last her to when the antibiotics should begin to work. Ridiculous!! Okay. My rant is over…🤦🏼‍♀️

We got gas, went to Shoppers and picked up her prescription and then finally we went home. It’s definitely a good thing that we went, because apparently the oral surgeon will not proceed with the surgery if she has an infection!! So she definitely needs to diligently finish the entire course of antibiotics!! When we got home, I went downstairs with her to her bedroom to help her better clean up her mess from throwing up last night. Then I had to leave again to pick up my daughter and her friend from dance. We dropped off her friend and then I dropped off my daughter at her other friend’s house to make their cupcakes. I picked up my hubby’s prescription from Shoppers. I went home and I finally had something to eat!! I was feeling pretty bloody hungry!! It was about 10:00pm by then!! Everyone else was in bed! As I ate I started writing this post! It’s definitely a long one tonight…it’s taken me a long time and now it’s late. My daughter came home from making cupcakes while I was writing it. I stopped for a while and came upstairs and said goodnight to her. I made sure I had my son’s green St Patrick’s Day shirt and socks that he picked out for tomorrow at school ready. Now I’m going to get ready for bed, because I’m super tired!!

Night All! 💤😴

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the we’World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their Health Topic List.

“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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