This morning was even colder than yesterday…the school was open again, but no buses were running at all today. My van started, but the black car didn’t. My hubby boosted the car with the van. Pretty darn cold weather to be outside boosting cars!! I was still feeling awful today! Super nauseous and I had major diarrhea! Fun times… I dropped my son off at school, then I took something for my tummy and went back to bed until 11:00. I had to get up then and start getting ready to go, because despite the way I was feeling, today was pre-comp which is a super important day at my daughter’s dance studio! The studio, well really Miss Amanda, rents out the Dow Theatre in Fort Saskatchewan and she has her friend come in to adjudicate. Then she runs through every solo, duo, trio and group dance from the upcoming season as if it’s a competition. This gives the kids the opportunity to perform their dances on a real stage for the first time in front of a “real” judge. It helps with performance nerves and helps the teachers see what needs to be worked on in each dance. It’s also usually one of the first times that the parents get to see this year’s dances. She starts earlier in the day with the solos, duos and trios and then begins the groups afterwards and they go into the evening. It’s usually a pretty long day. Not a great day to have diarrhea on…nope ☹️ I made sure that I brought my Imodium with me… We left at about 12:45. We arrived at the Dow at about 1:30. My van was saying that it was damn close to -30 (that’s NOT counting the wind chill – so yep, it was cold!!) I helped my daughter get her stuff into the dressing room. Then I left her back there with her friends. She really likes it when I leave her to it… she no longer wants me hovering around. So, I usually go back with her at the beginning and maybe get food with her part way through and then see her when she is finished. Although we sometimes text in between. I went to the lobby and sat in the comfy chairs and went on my phone for a while. We were actually fairly early, so I didn’t need to go into the theatre right away. After a while I went back into the theatre. Here’s where I win the bad mom award…we’re supposed to record their solos (or duos/trios if they’re in one, my daughter is just doing a solo this year). So, I’m in the theatre with plenty of time to spare, feeling sick as a dog, but watching and cheering, because that’s what all us parents do. Then about 3 or 4 dances before my daughter’s dance I have to go to the bathroom. (This might be TMI…) I mean the kind of having to go that you can’t ignore when you’re sick. So, I book out of the theatre, run to the bathroom, try to be as fast as I can, take more damn Imodium and book it back to the theatre and come back in the dance AFTER my daughter’s solo!!! So, yes. I completely missed her solo by 1 bloody dance!!! Just because of my damn tummy and the issues it’s causing!! Argh!!! I felt even more sick to my stomach then I had before I left! I can’t believe that I missed it! That’s never happened to me!! I felt so bad!! And the mom of the year award goes to…NOT!!! Anyway, the funny thing was I was feeling super guilty and bad and I apologized profusely in a super long involved text explaining why and what happened and she said, and I quote, “It’s fine mom. I don’t even care. It doesn’t matter. ” I was like, huh. Well then. What am I all worried about?! She clearly doesn’t care either way!! And why am I here…lol Kids right?! Anyway, after that fun time I went back out to the lobby for a while, because there were a lot more solos, etc and then there was a half an hour of time that they spend on production, and they don’t let the parents watch during that practice. Then, after that, they start the groups. I went back into the theatre for this part. I was sure to go to the bathroom beforehand and I took more Imodium. My daughter had quite a few in these so I pretty much just made myself comfortable and sat back and watched. There were some pretty darn cute little kids. My daughter’s dances are going to be good ones this year. She’s in her first pointe group which is kind of cool. Today is the first time that I actually saw her dance on pointe. And , considering one of her pointe shoes is actually snapped in two places, she did pretty damn good!! They have some neat and original concepts this year which I am sure will stand out at competition time! She’s in quite a few dances. By the time she was finished, she was pretty darn tired. I had to make one last trip to the bathroom and then I stepped outside and started the van with the autostart. It was pretty cold still when we got in it. Brrrr…. I took her to Wendy’s, because she was hungry. I had a grilled chicken snack wrap. I’m sure that it went straight through me though. Then we drove home. The van did warm up, but we both still had frozen toes when we got home. It was about 9:40 when we got here. We were both cold and tired. I let the dogs out and then went upstairs and then I went on my phone for a while. Now I’m going to get ready for bed, I still feel cold and super sick. My tummy is grumbling and turning over and I feel super nauseous. Despite the Imodium, I still have to go to the bathroom. Yuck… I just want to sleep!!!

Night All! 💤😴

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the we’World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list. “Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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