Jamaica Day 3

Today didn’t go at all as planned!! After breakfast we decided to go to the Seven Mile Beach in Negril. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, some rate it the best in the Caribbean. Bill, our driver, was driving us there. On the way we had to crawl along in a huge line of cars for about 45 – 60 minutes. We passed so many run down shacks and restaurants and bars. Surprisingly, many of them were still open. A lady in a shack that had a hairdresser sign on the outside was inside doing someone’s hair and saw us taking photos. She smiled and waved at us. When we finally got near the end of the slow ass driving, we realized it was another army check stop. They were definitely looking for someone specific and it clearly wasn’t us. They just waved us through. From there we were able to get up to speed. We drove through a couple small, quite run down looking towns. In the third small town, called Lucea (sounds like Lucy), we had to stop because the person in front of us was turning. Unfortunately the van stopped for them to go and never moved again!! It refused to restart! Bill and my hubby checked the engine and there was a ton of smoke coming out and something was leaking. After looking at it fora bit, they decided it definitely wasn’t going anywhere! A couple younger guys came over to see if we needed any help. Bill got back in (I was still in the van) and my hubby and the two guys pushed the van off the road and into a parking lot. We were in this run down town with goats wandering around and stray dogs and teetering, colourful shacks. It was quite interesting, despite being on the side of the road! Bill called Lenteen (our cook and house keeper). She called her brother and asked him to come rescue us! He actually lives in Lucea, so he arrived fairly quickly! (Thank goodness!) While we all waited the two guys who helped push the van stayed with us. They kept asking if we were okay. We talked to them for a bit. Then Lenteen’s brother is Lloyd arrived and we waited a bit while they all talked. We finally got into his van, along with Bill. By the time we got into the van it was about 2:39!! We decided that we would just go back to Montego Bay and go to Doctors Cave Bathing Club (which is a private beach). It cost money to enter and money to get a lounger-chair. Not that much though. The nice thing about it was that once you’re inside, you don’t have to worry about tons of people harassing you to buy things from them. They’re supposed to be quite aggressive. Also, it felt safe there. You could see people leaving their things to go in the water, without huge concerns that someone was going to come along and take something. We could see that it was raining on a big part of the island and it looked like we were going to get rained on, but it passed by us. After the beach, we briefly talked to Bill, he was back with a rental car. We decided to go to Margaritaville for supper. We sat on the top floor, on a deck that jutted out, over the water. It was really beautiful. The sun was setting just as we got there. We had some good food and drinks. Then we found Bill and hopped into the new rental car. It was actually more comfortable than the van (lol there has to be a positive side to our breaking down day!) We got back to the villa and was I ever tired! I got ready for bed and then started writing this. I’m having a really difficult time keeping my eyes open. I think I’m heading to bed now. Until tomorrow!

Night All! 💤😴

To help with research and treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to http://www.tnnme.com (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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