Nap Day!

This morning, after dropping off the kids at school, we drove to the city to check my parent’s mail and water there plants. They’re coming home in the next couple of days!! Yay! It’ll be nice to see them. All is well at their condo. So, that’s good. Not that I expected there to be a problem or anything! When we got back home, I had a nap. I was feeling tired, like yesterday. So, I decided not to fight it. I’m taking longer than the kids at getting used to waking up in the morning!!

This afternoon I looked at more places to stay in Jamaica. I found one that looked amazing. Totally luxurious, but I have a feeling that it’s above our price range. It came up, despite my search parameters, probably because there was not s price, it said to contact for price. After reading the description, I’d guess it’s one of those that are more than $1000/night. Crazy!! I’m just looking at basic studio type apartments, this one looked like a mansion. The description spoke about the long-time butler…yep, you read that correctly!! Butler‼️ I’m pretty sure it’s ridiculously expensive! The butler serves you a drink upon arrival. There’s tennis courts and volleyball courts on the grounds. The pool area looked like it came out of a magazine!! Well, I need to get my brain back to the places in our price-range and out of the fancy-schmancy places. We probably will not be spending most of our time at the place we’re staying at anyway. I’m sure we’ll be busy all day. We’ll probably be there mainly to sleep!! (Speaking of sleeping…I just fell asleep and accidentally deleted this whole damn post!!! I haven’t done that in ages!! I remembered that I had updated it once, so I exited without saving and reopened it and some was back!! So I didn’t lose everything: thank goodness. I’m too tired to start from the beginning.)

While I’ve been looking at places to stay, my hubby has been spending his time looking for things to do while we’re there. He found The Bob Marley museum, some neat waterfalls that you walk up, bamboo river rides, a place called Mystic Mountain theme park, a cool bar out in the middle of the ocean that you have to take a boat to get to!! It looks really neat! And, my personal favourite!! He found s place where you can swim with Dolphins!! I have always wanted to do that!!! It would be so cool – just incredible!! He found a water park that looks neat, it’s like a water slide on top of a mountain!! He watched YouTube videos of People travelling to Jamaica. I ordered a book from amazon about Jamaica. That should be helpful!!! Well, it’s 1:05am and I’m sooooo tired??? I’m going to get to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz… Night All! 💤😴

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Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

1 thought on “Nap Day!

  1. I’d suggest an all inclusive if you haven’t travelled much. Eating out can be really expensive and sometime in tourist areas the food is terrible, tourist are going come anyways so why bother to make the food good. Lol And the free drinks are really nice too, I know how Arizona likes his beer! I usually try all kinds of drinks I wouldn’t normally make at home. All the fancjy blender drinks, they’re awesome! But can be pricey in restaurants. Usually if we’re gone touring for they day we’ll have a big breakfast at the buffet, eat out for lunch and then come back to the buffet or specialty restaurant for dinner. I’d rather spend my money on tours and get free food at the hotel. But call me if you want to chat about this some more😀


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