Camping Begins!

Here I lie, in a tent at 2:00am!! We kind of got lost driving to the campground. Our three hour drive took us closer to 5 hours to get here!! My daughter was navigating and the cell service was Of and on most of the time. There was one long stretch when we lost service, and that’s when we got lost. She had screenshots of the map, but it took us the wrong way. Finally, when we got service, we called and talked to Keith and he gave us directions over the phone. We got back on track, but had gotten lost tonight that there was some back tracking to be done! So, we arrived at about 11:30pm, five hours later!!

When we got here, Keith and Claudia helped us get the tent set up. Keith actually ended up doing most of it. He had to use his hammer to get the pegs in. It was not much fun in the dark. The stupid darkness didn’t help!! My daughter and I blew up the air mattress that I’m lying in with the air-compressor. It makes an awful, whiney sound! Super loud for a quiet campground at 12:00 at night! For fifteen minutes straight! Lol. By the time we got settled, I sang to my son, he’s sleeping beside me. Then I figured out that there’s actually wifi here!! So, my data wasn’t working , but so far this wifi seems to be working! So, yay!! Now I just have to plug my phone into Claudia’s trailer tomorrow to charge my phone. This is pretty weird. I have not been camping in a very long long time. I hope we have a fun weekend ahead! It’s super d duper late! I’m going to bed!!

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Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!” I

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