Birthday Party Day!!

Today was another full day of cleaning. Our house was a disaster and it’d been a while since we gave the main-floor a complete overhaul! It sure needed it! The day started out with my daughter’s meeting at the school with student services… someone somewhere made a mistake and now there is no record anywhere, according to the school, that my daughter completed her grade 19 gym this summer. There’s not even a record of her being enrolled in phys-ed 10!! So the girl we spoke with is contacting the outreach people and hopefully sorting it all out. We payed for that class! And she finished it with a very good mark too!!! The problem is that they won’t “officially” change her schedule and take out the phys-ed 10 until they receive official proof that she was registered in a completed the course. They have it all set up for her schedule to be changed, but, until they receive the evidence, they won’t change her schedule. The other problem is there were hardly any options available to replace the gym block. She could take welding, Spanish, but she’d lose her foods option. Or they could move her cosmetology class to a different time and put her in art. So she decided on the art. However, the cause she was currently registered in was with friends. She’d rather stay in her current cos class and just have a spare during phys-ed block. But, they don’t like grade ten’s having spares. She could really use an extra lock to work on homework. She could use the extra time for homework, considering how busy her dance schedule is throughout the year. The girl is supposed to be calling me about the phys-ed mix up after she talks to the correct people and hopefully is given evidence that proves that my daughter did indeed attend that phys-ed class! My hubby and I will not be happy campers if they cannot find anything. I can prove that I wrote a check for $100 to black gold for the class!! Too frustrating right!! The CAP form for her math was pretty easy. She just needs to fill out a form, we sign it, the crabby lady (at least she was when my older daughter attended that school – lol extremely crabby. To everyone parents and students!) signs it and the student services lady already signed it. Easily done, as long as the crabby lady doesn’t have a problem with it. Sigh…does everything have to be so complicated??!

After the meeting, we went to no frills to get hot dogs, smores ingredients, and chips. Then we went next door To the Dollar Tree and got paper plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and we even lucked out and found roasting sticks!! We used to have lots, and now can’t seem to find them anywhere!! So I was happy to find some cheap ones. We had some good, more pricey ones, who knows where they are though!? From Dollar Tree we went to Sobeys. At Sobeys we got the hotdog buns, the cake, a veggie tray, and pop. We called that good and went home and started in on the cleaning.

My oldest went out back and finished the half of the lawn that my hubby didn’t get to. My younger daughter took care of the front entrance, I just went over the carpet by the front door – not because she didn’t do a good job, but because my stupid dog shed – again- all over it!! I vacuumed the entire main floor. It was furry quite grossly in many places. Anyway. We got the house looking pretty good, in my humble opinion. Just in time, became her friends began showing up for the party at about 5:00.

Hotdogs around the fire was at about 6:30. Then cake came next, around 7:30. They came inside the house and did presents around 8:00. Then the girls all went for a walk down to Bellevue Park and back. We, my son and my oldest, ran to Shoppers and bought a few things for my other daughter, since her real birthday is tomorrow. Once we got back, we watched the end of Big Brother. Then I played a “trick shot” ball game with my son, got ready for bed and I’m exhausted and really really ready to sleep!! Night All! 💤😴

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Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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