Grade 9 Graduation 👩‍🎓 

My younger daughter had her grade 9 graduation this evening. They all looked so grown up!  We live in a small town, so you go to school with a lot of the same kids for years. My daughter and her three best friends, whom she’s been friends with for years, looked beautiful! It seems like yesterday her and her little friend were the two shy ones in playschool. They’d sit together and play together. They’d both look down at their feet and get super cute in their shy way. Now they are young ladies.  Much more confident, for the most part – of course, st their age, it depends who they’re around. My daughter can definitely still be the quiet shy one, but not if she’s comfortable around you! Then she can turn into the loud one! (Gee…she reminds me of someone!!) Well, she definitely looked beautiful tonight. My baby girl! Here’s a photo:

I wonder if it bothers her when I post a photo of her on here. She probably doesn’t even know!!

So, my stupid dog made it through the night without anymore messes…thank Goodness!! I NEVER want to deal with that again! Yuck!!  She was fine all day today too. Seems like she got it out of her system. I was so worried that I was going to wake up to a big mess! I’m so glad that I didn’t. She was still stinky last night, but today she wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday!! What a relief. Sick kids are one thing, but no one should have to deal with a dog in her state! Again, I say yuck!!

Today my hubby and I watched the movie, “Split”. It was about a guy with DID (dissociative identity disorder – what used to be called multiple personality.)  who abducts 3 girls. It was pretty creepy.  James Mcavoy plays the guy with the disorder. Despite the creepiness of the whole thing, he did an amazing acting job. He switched from each identity seamlessly! It made it very interesting to watch. Oh oh! Im starting to do that darn fall asleep while writing thing that I hate so much!! So, on that note, I’m going to go to bed now, before I start accidentally deleting stuff!!

To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organizationu (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!” 

Hey! Let me know what you think! Thanx❌😘❌‼️

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