Busy Shopping Day

Today was a day of shopping. Shopping with Arizona, shopping alone, and shopping with my middle daughter. Arizona and I first went to Cora’s for breakfast, mmm mmm good stuff! But way way too much food! Can’t complain, it was nice to go out just the two of us and spend some time together. From there we went to that huge new Canadian Tire in South Common. We bought a couple kid gifts, I actually found a good deal on Lego and just plain Lego, Ina plastic bin that looks like a large piece of Lego for only $34.99. Trust me, for that much Lego, it was a steal. I love that he’ll have Lego that he can build anything with. No right or wrong, just play! So, since he won’t be reading this. I hope I didn’t screw up…he wanted two game systems for the PS4, both the new Skylanders and Lego Dimensions. However, we told him that he likely will be only getting one and that it’s too expensive for both. He hasn’t been able to choose. Tonight however at the town festival Brhten Up Beaumont, he told Santa the one he wants…of course this is after we’ve already bought the other one. Sigh…I’m pretty sure he’ll be happy, but don’t want him to think that Santa doesn’t listen or something!! Anyway, Lego Dimensions looks very neat and I’m, sure he’ll love it!after Canadian Tire, we went to Best Buy. It was ridiculously busy, but my hubby was able to buy my gift for 1/2 off!! We also got a superman character for his leg dimensions. Then we checked out a store I could easily live in, Chapters/Indigo. We bought our oldest a book and the marauders map from Harry Potter that she’s been wanting, we bought my niece a gift, an art book for me, yay!!, SURPRISE!!! And a couple cords that we just needed, not for Christmas, just for regular stuff. And finally, we headed to Costco last. Costco wasn’t that exciting, well we bought my hubby a Samsung tablet for a pretty good Black Friday price, that he’s been wanting, I’ll give it to him for Christmas. Surprise!! We bought bowls!! Woohoo! Then a few groceries and we headed home!

I had an hour to lie down, before I had to go back to the city with my daughter. She had dance for an hour, during which I went to Walmart. I found a two book series my oldest will like for 40% off, a hate and infinity 3 character. Oh! And candy canes for when we decorate the tree. Then I picked her up from dance and we went to Southgate. She was so excited to go to lululemon for the first time. She’s been waiting for Black Friday forever, as it’s one of the only times they have a sale all year. She has been patiently waiting to go, she received a gift card for $50 from my parents for her birthday and a Southgate gift card for $25 and a bit of cash. She has held onto it until now. She bought herself leggings, and two new sports bras. She was very excited and happy that she was able to buy these things for herself. I’m proud of how long she held onto it all and saved the cash up. From here we putzed around a bit, then left. On the way home we stopped and picked up a winter jacket for her that I found through buy and sell. It’s really nice and looks good on her! Then, exhausted (at least I was) we came home. It’s late and I’m exhausted and tomorrow is another full and busy day and I’m literally falling asleep! Night all!!

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“Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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