Sharry 19

“So, what you’re saying is Lucifer believes that he still has my mom?” Sharry said. “Huh. Interesting. Is this Angel, shifter girl going to get hurt? What’s Lucifer going to do to her if he figures it out??” “She’s a tough little one,” Michael said,”Ain’t that right Ziech? Susanna is a tough little thing??” “Shit yah!”Ezekiel said, Sharry saw him glance over at her mom with a look of, joy? Or happiness on his face…huh. Weird.  “Hi, I’m Sharry, nice to meet you Ezekiel. Thank you so so much for getting my mom out of there. I’m in your debt.” Eziechial took Hold of Sharry’s outstretched hand, almost reverentially and continued holding onto it while saying, “it’s so, so good to finally meet you too, Sharry.” He reluctantly let go of her hand but smiled at her. She noticed that he had green eyes, just like hers. They were kind eyes and Sharry smiled back. Sharry glanced over at her mom looking at plans for security, now that they had so many defect. She looked right at home, which Sharry would never have believed in a million years. What else, besides her father being an Angel, hasn’t her mom told her. Wait a minute, not only did she look comfortable, these people or rather all of these Angels are talking to her mom like they know her. Even Michael was. She should only know Jacob, as my boyfriend from school. Look at her though, she’s not in shock that she’s surrounded by Angels. She’s completely fine with it, as if it was normal for her. What is going on?

“Uh, Mom! We have to talk!” Sharry called over to her mom. “Just a minute honey, I’m helping Gabriel and Matt figure out some security issues!” She replied. Sharry raised her voice, “Now Mom! We need to talk Now!!”Sharry didn’t care about all of the raised eyebrows and the looks she was getting. She needed to figure out if her mom has told her the truth about anything, ever!!! “Michael is there anywhere more private?”Sharry asked. Her mom said, “its okay Mikey, I’ll take her to my office!” “Your what now??” Sharry asked, her jaw practically hitting the ground. “Close your mouth and follow me.” Her mom said. 

Her mom lead her down the hallway a bit further then pulled a key out of her pocket and unlocked a door. Sharry walked in and saw that the office was about the size of Michael’s office, but clearly decorated by a woman. There were photos of Sharry everywhere, at every age, as well as photos of her mom and Ziech together, throughout the years, she saw her mom, slowly aging, while Ziech stayed the same. “Wait a minute!!”Sharry said, “you didn’t just get it on with an Angel, you’re still with the Angel. Ziech is your, your what is he to you mom? That’s of course why he risked everything and saved you. Wait…wait…does that mean…” Sharry flopped down onto the couch, looking shellshocked she asked her mom, “mom, is Eziechial, is Ziech my father??” Her mom, pulled a chair to sit right in front of her. She leaned in and held Sharry’s hands. “Yes, honey, yes Ziech is your father!” “How? When? What?…How did you ever meet him?” Sharry asked. There was a soft knock at the door, Eziechial poked his head in, “is everything okay Joan love? Can I? May I?” Sharry’s mom looked at her in that mom way and so Sharry nodded and said, “I guess so. The more the merrier!”she said rather awkwardly. 

He pulled a chair beside Joan and the three of them stared at each other, no one wanting to speak first. Finally Sharry blurted out, “So many lies mom? Why all of the lies? You should have told me.” Her mom sighed and squeezed her hands, “I wasn’t permitted. Not until you were old enough for the camp. You had to be raised as normal as possible.Once you started dating Jacob I knew it’d be soon. Soon that you could finally meet your father! I could finally tell you verything!” Ziech said, “I’ve been praying for this day. The day I could finally train you and teach you our ways. I was so excited! But now, that you may be the chosen one! Well, now I don’t want you out of my sight! Especially since we haven’t had a chance to train!!” Sharry wasn’t sure what to say. She felt overwhelmed and confused. She didn’t know whether she should be angry or excited. Her dad, who obviously doesn’t age, looked her age, not her mom’s. “Wait, Mom,” Sharry said, “this is your office? You work here, everyday, with the Angels and my D-D-Dad? He was this close, all this time? Couldn’t he have don’t the invisible wing thing and met me sooner. I don’t understand. Did you not want me in your life Da- Ziech. I don’t know what to call you. Why didn’t you want me?” She didn’t want to cry, but she felt the tears burning at the back of her eyes. “Oh Sharry,” Eziechial replied, “you have no idea how badly I wanted to meet you, but they forbade me, us. Even Joan, your mom, working here is a first. We were so lucky they allowed that much. Joan would tell me everything about you as you grew up, she’d bring pictures, tell me stories, show me videos. Oh the questions I’d ask about you, I just wanted to know everything!! I’m just so thrilled that…”Right then Michael knocked on the door and peeked in. He said, “so sorry to break up the family reunion, but we need to come up with a plan. Lucifer phoned and wants to meet to trade our fake mom for Sharry. Which, of course, we won’t be doing. But, we’re out of time, we have to figure out exactly what our plan is going to be!”
To help with research and treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia please go to (Trigeminal Neuralgia and Me) to sign a petition to have the World Health Organization (WHO) add Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to their “Health topic list.””Hopefully one day I’ll get it right, or at least have fun, while about it I write!!”

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